Productive Results For The Jaguars

The Jaguars aren't in contention for the postseason, but they are in contention for the No. 1 pick in the draft. As we know, this would buy them some equity in terms of a possible trade or they can get one of the impact defenders in this April's Draft. Find out how this weekend's results impacted the team.

After spending their off week relaxing the Jaguars were back to work on Monday with what Gus Bradley called a “Bonus Monday,” meaning an extra day to practice.

This past weekend’s NFL results saw a few things go the Jaguars way:

The Bears beat the Vikings, moving Chicago to a 4-6 record, three games clear of the Jags.

The Texans beat the Browns, worsening Cleveland’s record and moving Houston to 5-5, the five wins being a mark that the Jaguars likely won’t get to.

Former Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Smith led the Falcons to their fourth win of the season which could help save his job.

The Buccaneers won their second game of the season in Washington which obviously helps the Jaguars in terms of getting the best possible draft pick.

The Rams pulled an upset against the Broncos, bringing them to four wins which is three games clear of Jacksonville.

The Packers beat down the Eagles, which lowers the Jaguars strength of schedule which can ultimately help them in a tiebreak.

The Colts lost to the Patriots, which also helps the Jaguars in terms of strength of schedule.

It wasn’t a perfect week, as a Titans victory over the Steelers would have helped, as well as a Raiders victory over the Chargers, but the Jaguars did receive some great results in terms of securing the best possible draft pick.

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