What We Learned Against The Giants

The Jaguars posted their biggest come-from-behind victory in franchise history on Sunday as they overcame a 21-0 deficit to take down the New York Giants. We're going to look at how our keys to the game played out.

The Jaguars made an improbable comeback to defeat the New York Giants, 25-24. We’re going to look at how our keys to the game played out on Sunday.

Keys To A Jaguars Victory

Win the turnover battle. For the first time this season, Blake Bortles had no turnovers. The Jaguars forced three New York turnovers and took two of them back to the house for touchdowns. That was the difference in the game.

Run the ball. We suggested that the Jaguars needed to run more spread and they certainly did on their last drive as Blake Bortles set up the winning score with a couple quarterback keepers. The team ran for 118 yards on 22 carries.

Double Beckham. Odell Beckham led the Giants in receiving again as he caught seven passes for 90 yards. After a quick start, Beckham was quiet until the Giants final drive which he caught a couple passes.

Throw more on first down. Jacksonville didn’t throw the ball much on first down, but they did at the end of the game and found some success doing so. Bortles was 8 for 15 on first down throws.

Start quickly. The Jaguars didn’t start quickly, but they finished quickly. Jacksonville (or anyone else) won’t make a living getting down 21-0, but they found a way on Sunday.

What We’ll Be Saying On Monday

Denard hit the century mark. Denard Robinson wasn’t able to gain 100 yards but he did average 4.0 yards per carry on his way to 44 yards. The Jaguars threw some wrinkles in with Denard playing quarterback in the Wildcat.

Beckham scored. Odell Beckham didn’t find a way to get in the end zone, but he led the team with seven catches for 90 yards.

Marcedes Lewis will be the leading receiver. Marcedes wasn’t much of a factor in the passing game as he was forced to stay in and block as the Jaguars offensive line was porous for much of the afternoon. He caught just two passes for eight yards.

Blake Bortles will play better. Blake didn’t look like a Pro Bowler, but he did notch his first game-winning drive as an NFL quarterback. For the first time all year, Bortles didn’t turn the ball over and finished by completing 21 of 35 throws, for 194 yards and a touchdown.

They hurt their draft position. The Jaguars are no longer picking first in the draft as they notched their second victory of the season and Oakland was smacked by St. Louis, 52-0. Jaguars fans will sign up for that slight setback.

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