Behind Enemy Lines- Texans

The Jaguars take on the Houston Texans this Sunday at Everbank Field. Houston has been one of the league's surprise teams this season as they've already tripled their win total from a season ago. We're going to go behind enemy lines with State Of The Texans publisher Patrick Starr to find out more about the Jaguars opponent.

Charlie Bernstein:Do you see the Texans bringing back Ryan Fitzpatrick next year to compete for the starting quarterback job?

Patrick Starr: Initially I did not, but if Ryan Fitzpatrick can keep building on his game against the Tennessee Titans it makes sense to bring him back. Fitzpatrick has zero guaranteed money on his deal next year, which was only a two-year deal to start with. Fitzpatrick could be a good backup quarterback in the right situation, and it sounds like the Texans want to bring back Ryan Mallett too, so it could in reality be the same three quarterbacks on the team this year heading to 2015.

CB:The team has already tripled their win total over a season ago. Has 2014 already been a success no matter what happens during the final month of the year?

PS: Some will say no, but there is plenty to like about what Bill O’Brien has done with the Texans. The team has taken sometime to get used to O’Brien’s ways, but the mentality has changed in the organization. O’Brien wants to have a cerebral team that will outwork opponents during the week and that will carry over to game days. The Texans have had a draft class that has been some what of a disappointment, but what they have been able to do by claiming players like Darryl Morris, Damaris Johnson, John Simon and Jumal Rolle to help their depth on the team has made a different. Also, signing free agents at a bargain basement price this year has been a positive for the team and players like Kendrick Lewis and Ryan Pickett have been some of the best additions to the roster in recent seasons.

The overall thinking of the organization has a “all-hands on deck” approach and it has made a difference on game-days.

CB:How would you rate the job Bill O'Brien has done so far this season?

PS: For the talent he has on offense, I give him a B for the moment. He is producing results on offense with holdovers from he previous regime. The most underrated part of his early time with the Texans is bringing in a coaching staff that is as detailed as he is, and players who struggled before have turned into different players this season under O’Brien’s staff. Don’t overlook what has happen on defense, the Texans forced the least amount of turnover in NFL history in 2013 with 11 and now are three turnovers for setting the franchise record of 31.

CB:Outside of Andrew Luck, the Texans seem to have just as good as, if not a better roster than the Colts. Is Houston simply "better quarterback play" away from returning to the top of the AFC South?

PS: I would say so, I wasn’t a firm believer in the quarterback makes the difference, just a balance roster. The Texans need a quarterback that can make plays when needed, which they have not had. Where they end up finding this quarterback will be left up for debate, but it still looks like the organization wants to see if Ryan Mallett could be that type or player for the organization.

CB:What would you say is the Texans' biggest area of need that they have to address this offseason?

PS: Inside linebacker is becoming a huge concern for this team, especially with the recent knee injuries to Brian Cushing. They have serviceable players there now, but nothing dynamic from the inside out making plays from that position.

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