What We Learned Against The Texans

The Jaguars concluded their regular season by going winless on the road. Find out how our Keys To Victory actually played out in the 23-17 loss.

The Jaguars played hard but once again it wasn’t enough as they lost to the Texans, 23-17. The Jaguars finished the season winless on the road for the first time in franchise history but better days are ahead.

Here’s how our keys to victory actually played out:

Keys To A Jaguars Victory

Stop Arian Foster. Foster wasn’t much of a factor as he was injured early on in the game and had just five carries for 23 yards. Foster did catch a 10-yard touchdown pass. The Jaguars were respectable against the run, allowing just 123 yards on 39 carries.

Block J.J. Watt. The Jaguars tried to block Watt, but it’s much more effective if you have NFL caliber offensive tackles and the Jaguars simply do not. Watt had three sacks, six tackles, four tackles for loss, three more hits on Blake Bortles and a safety. He’s tremendous.

Make them go outside. Case Keenum can’t throw outside the numbers and the Jaguars couldn’t defend the middle of the field. Bad safety and linebacker play outside of Telvin Smith.

Take some shots. The offensive line couldn’t protect Blake Bortles long enough to take any shots deep.

Lots of Toby/Blake read option Blake Bortles led the team with 61 yards rushing on just three attempts so the option worked pretty well.

What We’ll Be Saying On Monday

They need to get better on the offensive line. The Jaguars are outmatched on the line and the Luke Joeckel pick looks like a complete waste. They’re going to have to invest in tackle help in free agency.

Marqise Lee led the team. Lee couldn’t squeeze the football on Sunday as he had several drops. It was the worst game he’s had in a month.

J.J. Watt will score. Watt scored on a safety in the game. He’s really good at football.

Blake Bortles will play well. Bortles had a tough game but he was better than the numbers showed. Blake was the victim of several drops as he went 14 of 33 for 117 yards. He kept the team in the game by not turning the ball over and running for 61 yards.

They were shut out on the road. Tell me if you’ve heard this before, the Jaguars couldn’t quite make enough plays to win the game. They hung around but it simply wasn’t enough.

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