Was It Fisch's Fault?

The Jaguars let offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch go last week. Were the offensive struggles really his fault or was he being scapegoated?

The Jacksonville Jaguars decided to make a change to their coaching staff as they fired offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch last week.

"There is a lot of truth now to philosophical differences as far as we want to put on Blake's plate to do a lot," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said. "Let's throw a lot at him and then let's see how much he'll be able to carry that over to next year. Or, no, let's not put a lot on his plate and let him grow through this. Which way is best? I don't know. I know the way we kind of want to do it.

"I just think we want to help him get better every day and not overwhelmed. I think you know my philosophy enough of be careful of how much you put on a guy to create a lot of anxiety that might keep him from being his best."

The Jaguars offense finished the 2014 season ranked 31st in yards, 31st in passing and 32nd in points scored (15.6 ppg) under Fisch.

“Those are coaches’ decisions,” Jaguars’ general manager Dave Caldwell said. “I firmly believe that the coach is kind of the CEO of the coaches and players. He’ll ask my guidance, he’ll ask my opinion, but I try not to get too involved in that because Gus is really the expert on Xs and Os and our staff is the expert on Xs and Os. I may ask some tough questions. We may have some tough conversations, but at the end of the day, that’s Gus’ decision.”

Although having elite physical talent, Blake Bortles looked lost at times during his rookie season. Bortles completed just 58.9 percent of his passes with just 11 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. The former third-overall pick’s 69.5 quarterback rating was worst among full-time starters.

Was it Jedd Fisch’s fault?

Fisch was literally trying to make chicken salad out of chicken $*^#. He was handed Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert in his first season with Cecil Shorts as the best wide receiver. The team drafted Luke Joeckel who is quickly heading down the road of the biggest busts in team history.

How can any offensive coordinator devise a functional offense with no NFL talent?

The Jaguars are one of the few teams in the NFL without a serviceable running back and the offensive line is among the league’s worst. Throw in a rookie quarterback and at times seven rookie starters and how was Fisch supposed to succeed?

It’s likely that Gus Bradley will reach out to longtime friend and former Bears head coach Marc Trestman to gauge his interest in the job, but right now it’s going to be difficult for the Jaguars to hire any established offensive coordinator, as most are granted two-year deals and the team seems farther than two years away from having a functional roster.

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