Jags Free Agents- Who Should They Keep?

The Jaguars have seven unrestricted free agents and we discuss and break down which ones they should keep and who they should let go.

The Jaguars have plenty of decisions to make in the offseason and some of those decisions will be based on re-signing their own free agents. We’re going to take a look at some of the team’s unrestricted free agents and decide whether they should be brought back.

Tyson Alualu- The former first-round pick hasn’t played up to his draft status, but that’s not entirely his fault as he was overdrafted by former GM Gene Smith to begin with. Alualu is a good rotational defensive end who the team really should look into re-signing at the right price. If Alualu receives a deal for $3 million/year or less, it would make sense that he returns to the team.

Alan Ball- Ball has been a nice surprise for the team when healthy, as he’s played much better for the Jaguars than he did for the Cowboys. Still, the team’s pass defense didn’t suffer without him last year when he was hurt and it’s unlikely that he’ll be brought back.

A.J. Edds- Edds is a “JAG” (just a guy) who was signed as an injury replacement late in the year. He will receive a minimum salary by some team, and it’s more likely than not that it won’t be the Jaguars.

Geno Hayes- Hayes is a better special teams player than he is a linebacker and it’s likely that he won’t be retained by the team.

Sherrod Martin- Martin is more of a special teams contributor than a valued contributor at safety and it’s likely that the team won’t bring him back. If Martin couldn’t beat out Josh Evans last season, he will probably never be a starting safety.

Cecil Shorts- Shorts had been the team’s most productive wide receiver during much of his Jacksonville tenure, but he’s been unreliable in terms of health and hands. Shorts often makes difficult catches but has far too many drops on “easy” plays. With all of the younger receivers on the roster, it seems extremely unlikely that the team will bring Shorts back. Not all of his struggles have been his fault as he’s played with inconsistent quarterbacks and he’s been miscast.

J.T. Thomas- The reserve turned starting linebacker is a solid, yet unspectacular NFL player. Thomas can contribute on special teams and as a reserve inside linebacker and he shouldn’t garner too much money in free agency. The Jaguars spent time developing Thomas and it would be a bit of a surprise if they didn’t bring him back, although they should do it as a reserve instead of a starter.

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