Ex-GM Talks About Not Drafting Blackmon

Should the Jaguars have steered clear of Justin Blackmon? We obviously know that answer, but should they have had the foresight to have done so? One former GM believes they should have.

Up to this point, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon has been a major bust for the team.

He hasn't been able to stay clean and the Jaguars clearly wasted a fifth-overall pick on him.

Should former Jaguars GM Gene Smith have known about Blackmon's past and saw these problems coming?

Former Buccaneers general manager Mark Domenik eluded to that on ESPN's SportsCenter.

When asked about the Buccaneers debate between Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and Oregon signal caller Marcus Mariota, Domenik referred to the vetting process that he put his scouts through when they were investigating Blackmon in the 2012 Draft.

"Justin Blackmon is a guy we could’ve considered in the 2012 draft with the No. 5 pick," Domenik said. "Shoot, we went all through Stillwater, we went to a bar. We had a scout who went to a bar for two straight weeks and watched if Justin Blackmon did come in or didn’t come in.

"He said that he was in there a lot. That made us decide that was not the player we were going to take. We try to find as much information as possible on a player and sometimes that puts an area scout."

Domenik wasn't one of the more conservative general managers in football as he took chances on Josh Freeman, Aqib Talib and Mike Williams, among others.

If Blackmon was too radioactive for Domenik, he surely should have been for Gene Smith, who placed a high grade on character.

This seems to be further proof that Gene Smith used his last first-round pick to do nothing but save his job.

The current Jaguars front office has been paying for Smith's mistakes for a few years and will continue to for a few more.

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