How Will Julius Thomas Help The Jaguars

It's being reported that Julius Thomas will become the newest Jacksonville Jaguar. Find out how he's likely to be used and the finer points of his game.

It's being reported that the Jaguars are putting the finishing touches on a multi-year deal with former Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas.

Having a red zone weapon like Thomas would certainly benefit the Jaguars, but what does it mean to the rest of the roster?

First, we asked Mile High publisher Chad Jensen for some of his thoughts on Thomas.

"Thomas is a physical freak," Jensen said. "At 6-foot-5, 250 pounds, he is able to use his size to box out defensive backs and with his speed, he's too much for most linebackers to handle. One of the most underrated aspects of Thomas' game are his hands. He catches everything. He is the quintessential redzone threat, as his 24 touchdowns over the last two years indicates."

Is Julius Thomas the very best tight end in football?

Jensen believes that one part of his game is lacking.

"The knock on Thomas is his inability to block proficiently," Jensen explained. "He has to leave the field when his team rushes the ball, which severely limits how offensive coordinators can game-plan. For him to join the likes of Rob Gronkowski, he has to get better in this area."

One would assume that with the addition of Julius Thomas, the Jaguars would jettison veteran Marcedes Lewis. With Jacksonville's large amount of cap space (reported at better than $60 million prior to any new signings) and Thomas' struggles in blocking, it's likely that Lewis will finish out the final year of his deal as a member of the Jaguars.

One of the main things that the Thomas signing helps with is the development and/or the evaluation of quarterback Blake Bortles. It was difficult, if not impossible to figure out anything about Bortles' rookie season in 2014 due to a major lack of pass protection and more so a lack of weapons. Thomas gives Bortles and the Jags offense a legitimate mismatch in the passing game, which is something the team hasn't enjoyed since the days of Jimmy Smith.

Expect to see the Jaguars use a lot of 2-tight end sets this season where Julius Thomas plays in the slot.

Fantasy owners may be struggling with this move, but the Jaguars finally have a legitimate weapon in the passing game. The next step is to give Blake Bortles enough time to throw the football.

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