What Will The Jaguars Get At 3rd Overall?

Find out which players the Jaguars are looking at with their third-overall pick and what kind of player they can expect based on the recent past.

Round One- 3rd Overall

Last five picks: Blake Bortles, Dion Jordan, Trent Richardson, Marcel Dareus and Gerald McCoy.

Jaguars fans know that the jury’s obviously still out on Blake Bortles, but Jordan and Richardson are utter busts. The big guys are usually safest and Dareus and McCoy are two of the very best in the game.

You have to hit with a pick in the Top 5 or else….you select there again. If you do it too many times then a different GM makes the selection. The Jaguars will be making their third Top-3 pick in as many years and Luke Joeckel looks terrible and Blake Bortles flashed, but had more bad plays than good.

To put it simply, Dave Caldwell needs to get this one right.

At this point the most likely possibilities at 3rd overall are USC’s Leonard Williams, Florida’s Dante Fowler, Clemson’s Vic Beasley, Alabama’s Amari Cooper and West Virginia’s Kevin White.

The Jaguars free agent signings and current roster depth shows less than a huge need for Williams, although he’s probably the best player in this draft. Beasley seems to be a great fit for the Leo position although there are virtually no mocks that have him going as high as third-overall. Fowler seems like a natural fit, but it almost seems too obvious. Cooper would seem to fit as far as value and need, but the Jaguars drafted two receivers in the second round last year.

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