Jaguars Grab Yeldon In Round 2

The Jaguars made an exciting move by adding Alabama running back T.J. Yeldon in the second round. Find out what Yeldon brings and how excited he is to be in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have addressed many positions in this offseason and they may very well have found a starting running back in Alabama's T.J. Yeldon as they selected him with the 36th overall pick.

Yeldon plays faster than his timed speed and he's a back that is from a pro style system. Yeldon can run between the tackles, catch the ball out of the backfield and perhaps most important, can pass protect.

T.J. will have to compete for the starting running back job with Denard Robinson, Bernard Pierce and Storm Johnson, and given his second-round draft pedigree it's more than likely that Yeldon will be the Jags opening day starter assuming he's healthy.

Yeldon Speaks To The Media

(On if he was expecting to be picked by the Jaguars) “I was very surprised. I had a good visit and a good meeting with (the Jaguars’ coaches) at the combine. I was very excited to get picked.”

(On how he fits in with the Jacksonville offense) “I think I fit in pretty well. I can do a lot of things; I can catch the ball, I can run the ball. I feel like I fit in very well.”

(On if he was expecting to get drafted in the late 1st round) “I honestly had no idea where I was going to go. I was just praying and hoping that I’d get picked, so I had no idea where I was going to go.”

(On if he was disappointed not to go in the 1st round) “No, not really. I just wanted to get picked by a team and showcase what I can do on the field, so I wasn’t really disappointed at all.”

(On if he’s talked with any of the former Alabama running backs who are in the NFL) “Not really, I haven’t talked to them. I talked to Eddie (Lacy) some and he said ‘the practices are much easier than at Alabama.’ And he said that they don’t have too many practices that are that hard, but it wasn’t that bad at Tuscaloosa.”

(On if he has a preference for a number) “I’m hoping that I can get 24. I can’t keep my low-digit 4 number, so I’m hoping that I can get 24.”

(On if he’s looked at the Jaguars’ roster) “I haven’t really looked at the roster, I wasn’t really into that. I’m just excited to get a chance to play for Jacksonville, go out and compete with the guys and just have fun out there.”

(On what he believes his strengths are) “I feel like I’ve got excellent vision. I feel like I can see things before they’re about to happen, like seeing a guy down the field, or read my blocks and set my blocks up when I’m running the ball. And I can catch the ball out of the backfield excellent and I can pick up blocks pretty well, the same things that I did at Alabama.”

(On what he has to work on) “People say ball security, but I worked on that. I wasn’t really focused and wasn’t holding onto the ball. I did better this year with ball security.”

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