Michael Bennett Scouting Report

The Jacksonville Jaguars may have grabbed the steal of the entire draft with their sixth-round pick, Michael Bennett. We've dug in deep to try and find out why this outstanding football player was available so late.

It was nearly shocking when the Jacksonville Jaguars went on the clock in Round 6, and Ohio State defensive tackle Michael Bennett was still available. The Jaguars relayed the pick from London and Bennett became the latest addition to the Hit Squad.

The pick is being lauded by many in the scouting community--

FootballInsiders.com's Michael Lombardo had this to say about the pick--

This was one of those unusual situations where the scouts from every NFL team apparently got together and decided Bennett is one of those players who thrives in college but gets overwhelmed in the pros. That’s an odd conclusion to reach on a player who dominated the last two seasons (83 tackles, 25.5 TFLs, 14 sacks) for a Buckeyes team that went 26-3 in that stretch. Bennett is an extremely disruptive interior player, using powerful hands and flawless technique to beat his man off the snap.

BuckeyeSports.com on the Scout.com network's Jeff Svoboda had this to say about Bennett-

Bennett is a 295-pound 3-technique tackle, meaning he's at his best not at nose but lined up across from a guard. He said after he was drafted that he's a pass-rushing tackle and in many ways he is; he had seven sacks this year, which is pretty impressive on the interior line, to go with 14 tackles for loss. He was very good his last two years at Ohio State after being limited by a groin injury in 2012. He was the kind of tackle you weren't surprised to see in the backfield making plays, and he really stepped it up at the end of his senior season with huge games against Michigan State and Wisconsin. He's very quick for a guy his size and he has good technique and moves, making him tough at times for guards to handle in one-on-one situations.

As for why he slipped, I don't believe there were any behind-the-scenes things going on. We've known Michael to be one of the more introspective, interesting, forthcoming players we've covered at Ohio State. He comes from a great family (both of his parents were in the Army) and he seems to be a great kid with a really good perspective on life (he's the kind of guy who lived with high school friends on campus instead of football players just to try to be more like a normal college student, and he switched numbers at the end of the season to honor Kosta Karageorge, the OSU walk-on lineman who committed suicide in November). I've heard from some NFL personnel types that the biggest issue with Michael is that he was limited, kind of a tweener. He's not really big enough to be a run-stuffing tackle or athletic enough to be an end; he can only really play at 3-technique with his size and skills. That made him limited as a team had to have a need at that specific spot to draft him. All in all, though, he's an excellent football player and person, so I feel like the Jags got a steal in the sixth round.

The rest of the NFL's loss looks a lot like the Jaguars gain in this situation.

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