Jaguars Do The Right Thing With Fowler

The Jaguars signed first-round pick Dante Fowler, who will miss his entire rookie season with a torn ACL. Find out how and why they did the right thing.

The Jacksonville Jaguars came to terms with first round pick Dante Fowler, Jr., on a four-year, fully guaranteed deal.

The deal is reportedly worth $23.5 million over four seasons with a $15.3 million signing bonus.

Fowler signed his deal just like any other rookie and the Jaguars guaranteed his deal, like they should have, basically ignoring the fact that Fowler tore his ACL. It was a classy move that shows faith in Fowler and his agent, Ben Dogra took notice.

"The Jaguars had discussions with me and my business partner Eugene (Parker) before the injury occurred and they never wavered in their commitment to Dante. They honored the contract and their promise and gave us a structure that's the same as their franchise quarterback (Blake Bortles, the No. 3 overall pick last year).

"It's a true testament to ownership, led by Shad Khan, the front office, led by (general manager) Dave Caldwell) and the coaching staff.

"They showed a full commitment to Dante. It's refreshing and they deserve credit as one of the best organizations and places to play in the NFL."

Are the Jaguars taking somewhat of a risk signing Fowler to a fully guaranteed deal? Sure.

What they are gaining by it is a sense of loyalty that will go throughout Fowler's Jacksonville career and it permeates throughout the locker room and later throughout the league. This is basically great advertising for Shad Khan by doing the right thing.

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