5 Best QB's The Jaguars Will Face

Who will pose the biggest challenge for the Jaguars renovated defense? We take a look at the five best quarterbacks the Jaguars will face in 2015.

The Jacksonville Jaguars revamped secondary (and defense as a whole) will face some significant challenges under center in 2015. Who is the best of the best? We're going to take a look at who will keep defensive coordinator Bob Babich up at night.

Believe it or not, the Jaguars schedule might just allow them to avoid Tom Brady, who's currently suspended for four weeks, and with four games against rookie Marcus Mariota and the winner of the Texans job-Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett- the quarterback position that the Jags will face could be a lot tougher.

1. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

10/4, 12/13

Andrew Luck has had great success against the Jaguars in recent seasons and he is armed with a set of weapons which include the great T.Y. Hilton, Andre Johnson, Phillip Dorsett, Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. Luck finally has the makings of a balanced attack as the team signed running back Frank Gore in the offseason. Although the Jaguars could face Tom Brady if his suspension is reduced, right now Luck looks like the very best QB that the team will square off against….and they have to do it twice.

2. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens


This may be a surprise to some that Joe Flacco is ranked as the second-best quarterback the Jaguars will face in 2015, but Flacco has turned into an elite signal caller. It's not always pretty, but Flacco has one of the best arms in football and makes huge plays time and time again whenever the Ravens need him to. Joe Flacco may not get the publicity of some of the other elite's or put up huge numbers, but he's as tough as it gets and he plays his best football in the biggest spots. Look for Joe Flacco to have a big 2015 season.

3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints


It appears that Drew Brees is on the downslide of his career, but he's still a future Hall of Famer and he has tore apart the Jaguars defense throughout his career. Brees will likely have a more balanced offense this year that should feature more of running back Mark Ingram, which only makes Brees more dangerous as a play-action passer. The Saints no longer have Jimmy Graham, which will certainly hurt their offense, but Brees has feasted on mediocre defenses throughout his career and mediocrity would be a significant improvement for the Jaguars on that side of the football.

4. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers


Philip Rivers was an MVP candidate for much of last season and he's making potentially one last run with the Chargers. Rivers will have Antonio Gates back from suspension, along with a revamped offensive line, an explosive rookie running back in Melvin Gordon as well as Keenan Allen and Malcolm Floyd on the outside. The Chargers will be in the hunt for the postseason and the main reason why will be the play of Rivers.

5. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers


The former No. 1 overall pick has navigated his team to two consecutive NFC South titles and a playoff victory; still he's largely not regarded as an "elite quarterback". Newton flashes lot of greatness with not only his cannon for an arm, but his feet, but inconsistent mechanics have left the Panthers as a mediocre offense. Newton will have some more help on the outside this season as Kelvin Benjamin enters his second season and the team selected Devin Funchess in the draft. Add in Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen and the Panthers should have a formidable group of weapons for Cam so "Superman" won't have to do everything himself.

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