Caldwell's 1st Draft Cut Is A Good Thing

Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell was forced to waive his first of 25 draft picks. Find out why this is a good thing for the franchise and a better thing for Caldwell's resume.

It's difficult to really say with any certainty whether Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell is doing a great, bad, or mediocre job at his new post. Caldwell had to clean house from many of the mistakes that his predecessor, former Jaguars GM Gene Smith made.

Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley are trying to clean up the mess made by statistically one of the worst general manager's in the history of sports.

Gene Smith missed on draft pick after draft pick, traded up to take future busts and always acted like he was the smartest guy in the room. That's a major reason why he's still out of work.

The Jaguars started at a different stage of rebuilding than most teams. Most teams that rebuild have somewhat of a core already in place and usually need talent at the quarterback position.

When Dave Caldwell and company took over, they had no core players on offense or defense. Virtually nothing in place to build around, a bare cupboard in it's truest sense.

The team has won just seven games in the first two years of the current regime, so although it looks like the team is improving it hasn't yet been quantified in the all-important win-loss column.

When Dave Caldwell waived wide receiver Ace Sanders on Friday, it was a major positive sign for the franchise and the rebuild.

Make no mistake, no general manager wants to cut one of his draft picks.

When you do cut one of your own picks, it shows two things.

The first thing is that you're not afraid to admit to a mistake. Making a draft mistake isn't the worst thing in the world. Every GM makes mistakes in the draft and in free agency. The truly great GM's have the leash from their own organization and enough self-awareness to admit to said mistakes. Again, making a mistake on a draft pick isn't the worst thing you can do. The worst thing you can do is put your head in the sand and worry more about protecting your own job and reputation while weakening the roster.

The other thing that cutting a draft pick shows is that you have a solid roster. The Jaguars roster isn't in the Top 20 of the NFL right now. One can safely say that over the last two years it was the worst roster in the NFL. Ace Sanders likely wouldn't make most NFL teams. Now the Jaguars are strong enough at the position that he's not on their team either.

This was a very good day in Jaguars football. The Jaguars admitted to a mistake, like the good organizations do, and the fan base knows that they have a GM that they can finally trust.

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