Monday Practice Canceled Due To Rain

The Jaguars were unable to hold their practices on Monday due to inclement weather.

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost a day of on-field training as they were forced to cancel their Monday evening practice which was to be held at Mandarin High School. They tried to move the practice back to the facilities at Everbank Field, but lightning caused head coach Gus Bradley to scrap the session.

"I know we were trying to get it done and I apologize about not being able to get down to Mandarin," Bradley said. "I know that was a big deal for our players and when I went into the locker room and told them they were disappointed in it but they bounced back. We tried to get a practice in here with full pads and pushed it as far as we could go until the weather kept us, but all of you that are here I appreciate that and the fans I apologize and hopefully we can do it another time. Practice was a little bit different; we cut it down, tried to beat the weather, tried to get it in then we went right into more individual group work with special teams. We didn’t get into any team run or team pass, or special teams, so we ‘ll have to catch up with it and probably readjust our scheduling and our install from here on out but we will be able to adjust to it.”

The team will still have their scheduled day off on Tuesday.

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