Behind Enemy Lines- Pittsburgh Steelers

The Jaguars host the Steelers in their preseason opener on Friday night. To find out more about the good guys opponent, we went Behind Enemy Lines with a Q & A.

The Jacksonville Jaguars play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers as they open up their 2015 preseason. JagsInsider publisher Charlie Bernstein quizzed publisher Jim Wexell about the outlook of the AFC North champion Steelers entering the 2015 season. Here's how it went.

Charlie Bernstein: Most of the Steelers question marks appear to be on defense. Will they run the ball more than many think to try and control the clock more?

Jim Wexell: Not with that passing game. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell do what they want when they want against this defense every day in practice. I can't see them changing those tactics out of fear. Besides, there's a lot of young talent on defense. That unit can come together at any time.

CB: How much different will the defense look schematically with Kevin Butler?

JW: They opened the HoF Game in a 4-3, so that's one thing, but the obvious change will be much more cover-2 as opposed to the cover-3 with the big CB cushions they've run under LeBeau for so many years. Tomlin is beginning the change to a Tampa-2 -- which originated with the 70s Steelers -- and even though they probably won't run much pure 4-3 in their base, the linemen will penetrate more as opposed to the old 2-gap style under LeBeau.

CB: Who will step up as the No. 2 wide receiver?

JW: Markus Wheaton is still the No. 2 on paper, but it will be nearly impossible for them to keep Martavis Bryant off the field. Bryant is a stud, a true deep threat. While Wheaton has looked very good, he's not the freak that Bryant is.

CB: How has DeAngelo Williams looked so far in training camp?

JW: He's looked OK, a serviceable backup to Le'Veon Bell. Williams still has his burst, and can catch the ball, and knows how to pass-block even if he's small and really doesn't like it, but the big question will be the nagging injuries that latch on to older backs. Already through spring and summer he's had this and that and this and that. The hope is he can stay healthy through the first two games.

CB: Many people loved the Bud Dupree pick. What has he shown you so far?

JW: Not much, but to me not much has been expected. He doesn't know how to get off blocks because he doesn't know how to use his hands, but he wants to learn, has a great work ethic, and great natural explosiveness, so I assume in two years he'll be a legit threat off the edge.

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