Cyprien Injury Could Be Blessing In Disguise

Jaguars safety Jonathan Cyprien broke his finger in Friday night's preseason victory. Find out why it might not be such a bad thing for the Jaguars.

In Jonathan Cyprien's two plus years as a Jacksonville Jaguars safety, he's yet to live up to the draft status of a high second-round pick.

Cyprien has just one interception in his career and has been a factor in one of the NFL's worst passing defenses. Obviously he is still a young guy, at 25 years old, and the team will afford him every opportunity to become the rangy safety that they envisioned him to be.

In the Jaguars 23-21 preseason opening victory over the Steelers, Cyp hurt his finger.

"Right hand, right? I know there was some confusion on right hand but it was more on the top part of the hand right here,where Cyp is more in the finger," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley explained. "It’s more in this part of his finger. I’m not sure which finger it is.”

The injury will cost the Jaguars starting safety the rest of the preseason, but unlike tight end Julius Thomas' hand injury, Cyprien will be able to practice.

“The good news is that he can still get reps," Bradley said. "It’s just that Julius can’t catch the ball, can’t fall down so you can see him go through a lot of walk-through. They’ll both go through a lot of walk-through reps and some of the group install maybe on the field. Anything especially in the early stages where they could be tempted at catching the ball or falling on the ground even though they have a cast on, that’s what we’ll try to keep them out of.”

While Cyprien gets his mental reps in and still practices, the Jaguars will get to put guys like rookie James Sample and Craig Loston in some game type of situations. This can only help their development. This will also give Josh Evans an opportunity to show progress.

“We’re going to get Sample back this week too. Now it will be very similar, no contact this week so don’t expect him playing," the Jaguars head coach explained. "The following week to get him back will help us with Cyprien and then Josh Evans has been a guy that has played both free and strong as well as Loston. He has played strong and free. Loston is a guy that is really starting to come on. He did a good job on special teams so those guys will get reps along with Cyp as long as we can control the environment.”

Injuries are never a good thing, but they are a part of the game. If a team has to get hit with them, it's best that it occurs in the preseason when the games don't count and the roster is at 90 players. The additional reps that the younger players get can be invaluable as the season progresses.

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