What Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Learned Against the Carolina Panthers in Week 1

The Jaguars began the 2015 season with a thud as they were defeated by the Carolina Panthers, 20-9. Let's see how our keys to victory played out.

The Jaguars seemingly couldn't get out of their own way on offense as they were throttled by the two-time defending NFC South champion Carolina Panthers.  Let's see how our keys to victory and out game predictions played out. 

Keys To A Jaguars Victory:

1. Make someone other than Greg Olsen beat you.  The Jaguars were successful in taking Greg Olsen out of the game as he caught just one pass for 11 yards.  Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to take Cam Newton out of the game and he was a difference maker. 

2. Keep Cam in the pocket.  Cam Newton scrambled just enough to be effective and he kept plays alive with his feet.  Newton was terrific and so was the Jaguars defense, as they held Carolina to just 13 points. 

3. Stack up the box.  The Jaguars stacked up the box and did a pretty good job against the Panthers rushing attack, as they held Carolina to just three yards per carry.  The reason that the team lost was because of the offense's ineffectiveness.  

4. Win the line of scrimmage on offense.  Jacksonville did a solid job of opening up holes for the running game, and their biggest crime might have been abandoning the one part of the offense that was especially effective.  Jacksonville averaged 4.6 yards per carry, but ran the balll just 21 times.  

5. Stay on schedule. The Jacksonville offense couldn't stay on schedule with the myriad of sacks and dropped passes.  Blake Bortles was sacked five times in the game and the offensive line had three holding penalties. 

What To Look For:

1. Look for Bortles to outplay Newton. So we were wrong.  Cam Newton showed why he was a former No. 1 overall pick as he kept plays alive and fired strikes for much of the day.  Bortles made one huge mistake, a pick-six which ultimately sealed the Jaguars fate.  

2. Look for a nice game from Denard Robinson. Denard was used sparingly, but when he got the ball he was effective.  45 yards on just seven touches for the former quarterback. 

3. Greg Olsen will make plays.  The Jaguars made it a point to shut down Greg Olsen and that's exactly what they did.  Again, great job by the defense.  

4. Look for the drops to continue.  This was clearly the most accurate predicion.  The Jaguars wide receivers proved once again that they aren't all that talented and there were five important drops.  

5. Look for the Jaguars to be in first place by Sunday night.  At this point it looks like another airball prediction.  But if the Titans blow a big lead to Tampa Bay, everyone in the South will be 0-1.  Mulligan week!

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