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The Jaguars Defense Will Face A Similar Opponent With the Dolphins

The Jaguars defense will face a similar attack on Sunday as they did in Week 1 with Carolina.

There's no NFL game that's easy to game plan for.  Each and every team presents a certain amount of challenges to opposing coaching staffs, even the bad ones.  

The Jacksonville Jaguars' Sunday opponent, the Miami Dolphins are not a bad team.  In fact, they were picked by many to make the postseason in 2015 after adding the prize pony of free agency, Ndamukong Suh.  

If anything, the Dolphins have to keep from overlooking Jacksonville. 

“First off, we can’t overlook anybody," underrated Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes said. "They have talent. Any NFL team has tons of talent. If you go in there and think it’s going to be an easy game, you’re in for a rude awakening. We have to approach this game like the Jaguars won the Super Bowl last year. They’re going to come to win. They want to prove a point. They want to win every game that they play in just like us, so we’ve got to go out there and put our best foot forward and try to beat them.”

Nobody will catch the Jaguars sleeping as their win-loss record over the past few years tells us that they can't overlook anyone.  

What will be somewhat of an advantage for the Jaguars defense is that they played a Carolina Panthers team last week that runs very simlar concepts, including a spread attack. 

"The good thing is that we saw the read option last week," Jaguars defensive coordinator Bob Babich explained. "That helped out. We had to install the read zone this week, we saw it last week. We have an idea on how to defend it. Everybody in the NFL has a lot of speed. The running back, he’s an excellent running back. (Ryan) Tannehill, he has speed. It’s a challenge, obviously. They do a great job. We’re excited about it. We want to play fast mentally and we want to get to the ball. That was a big part of our success versus the run last week.”

Like Carolina's Cam Newton, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is a young quarterback who is still developing.  He's more dangerous with his feet then his arm and the weapons around him are suspect. Like Carolina, Miami has a questionable offensive line and their best way of being successful on offense is through the running game. 

The Jaguars defense made it a point to take away the Carolina running game last week, with a far more talented running back in Jonathan Stewart than Miami has in Lamar Miller. 

“I think our guys did a great job of fitting up the run," Babich said. "Coach (Scottie) Hazelton did a great job with the tackling plan. He’s a very good running back and, once again, it’s a great job by our players. In an eight-man front, if you fit it up right, you have opportunities to do well against the run.”

Once again, if the Jaguars can contain Ryan Tannehill and keep him in the pocket while stifling the running game, they should have a similar defensive performance to last week. 

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