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Jacksonville Jaguars Behind Enemy Lines- Miami Dolphins

In our thirst for more knowledge, we went behind enemy lines with Miami Dolphins expert Eric Roddy, who was nice enough to answer some questions about this Sunday's matchup.

In an attempt to find out all we can about the Jaguars opponent on Sunday, we asked Dolphins Report publisher Eric Roddy about the team he covers.  

Charlie Bernstein: What do the Dolphins do best on offense?
Eric Roddy: If the Dolphins ever gave Lamar Miller enough carries, I think he could be the NFL's leading rusher. He consistently posts over a 5 yard average per carry, and he is lightning fast once he gets up to speed in the open field. The Dolphins have turned into a pass first team, and when Tannehill is in rhythm, they thrive in a high paced setting. 
CB: How involved do you think the DeVante Parker and Jordan Cameron will be in the passing game?
ER: Cameron was a stud last week, bringing in 4 catches for nearly 80 yards. I expect more out of him against the Jaguars, as he is a nightmare problem down the field. Expect more out of DeVante Parker too, who barely made a splash last week against the Redskins. Watch out for both of these guys down in the redzone. 
CB: What is the best way to attack the Dolphins' defense?

ER: Our linebackers got gashed on the ground last week. If the Jags can run the ball with success, that will make the linebackers even more of liabilities, Run the ball, and run early. 
CB:  We've seen the injury report, who do you expect to play (questionables)? 
ER: The biggest concerns are safety Reshad Jones and DE Derrick Shelby. Both should play. I would like to see Dion Sims sit out after suffering a nasty fall last week and getting a concussion.
CB: What are the real expectations of the Jaguars in 2015 and how many games will they need to win for Joe Philbin to stay employed?
ER:  As I have said before, it is playoffs or bust for Philbin. Nothing short of a wildcard (at the least) will do for Stephen Ross and this team, especially given the team has failed to post a winning record despite nearly making the playoffs twice the past two seasons. 

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