Who Can Jaguars Fans Blame After Sunday

The solace after losing by 34 points is that there wasn't one player or play which made a difference. With that, we're going to play the blame game.

Twitter was abuzz last night as Jacksonville Jaguars fans around the country were calling for the heads of Gus Bradley, Blake Bortles and nearly everyone associated with the team.  

The truth of the matter is that a Vince Lombardi or Bill Belichick coached team would have lost in a blowout to the New England Patriots on Sunday.  

"We went through a lot of things," Bradley said. "I think a lot of lessons can be learned from this game. Give credit to New England. I thought they played a great game. Obviously we didn’t do as well as we needed to on defense. That team played with precision in all three phases. When you play against a really good team, you really see the importance of precision and we didn’t play with that."

With that, who's to blame?

Mo Lewis- 50 percent

The former New York Jets linebacker crushed Drew Bledsoe which forced him to miss significant time and a second-year quarterback named Tom Brady stepped in and the rest is history.  15 years later, if Lewis wouldn't have hit Bledsoe, who knows where Brady would be? 

The NFL- 20 percent

Injuries are a part of the game, and the Jaguars have been decimated by injuries.  The group that suited up to play the Patriots had no chance to beat a good team, much less a Super Bowl champion on its home field.  The team was without it's best offensive and defensive players, best safety, starting left tackle and suffered numerous injuries in the secondary during the game.  

Gene Smith- 10 percent

The former Jaguars general manager did such a terrible job that he set the franchise back at least five years.  They are still rebuilding after Smith's mess and don't have the requisite depth to withstand a littany of injuries. 

The Jaguars defense- 10 percent

The defense didn't force a single punt, turnover or stop.  It's tough to win those games on any level. 

"I think that any team, if you don’t play well and you don’t make good plays and you make too many mistakes, the score can get like that against a really good team," Bradley said. "The question is, if you don’t play well and you don’t play with precision in all areas, can the score get like this? Yes, in the NFL it can."

Blake Bortles- 8 percent

The Jaguars quarterback was rushed and seemed to be off his game for much of the day.  His second period interception was a turning point where the team went from barely competing (although you never got the feeling that they had a chance) to thinking about getting back on the plane. 

"You know, trying to take a shot and put some points up on the board before half and really the last thing you can have in that situation is a turnover. Bad play, bad throw, having Marcedes [Lewis] running down with the linebacker trailing him and just missed him. It was a bad throw and that really can’t happen," Bortles explained after the game. 

Wide receivers- 2 percent

Aside from the Allen Hurns touchdown, the Jaguars receivers were blanketed all day and couldn't find any open space.  With New England taking away the running game by loading up the box, it was impossible for the offense to function. 

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