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The Jaguars May Have Got Lucky and Avoided Andrew Luck

Are the Jaguars going to dodge a huge bullet for Sunday's game?

When the NFL schedule came out in April, the Jaguars thought they were going to dodge a bullet and get the New England Patriots without starting quarterback Tom Brady, who was then serving a four-game suspension for his role in "Deflate-gate."  

As everyone knows, that didn't come to fruition and it didn't really matter, as a bruised and battered Jaguars team wasn't going to win the game in New England regardless of who the Patriots trotted out at quarterback.  

That lucky break may just come seven days later as it appears that there's a real chance that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck just might miss his first game as a pro.  

Luck has been limited in practice all week with his sore throwing shoulder that he sustained at some point during the Colts' win over the Titans on Sunday.  

“I hesitate to go into details about what happened but it happened in the past game," Luck said. "Again, it wasn’t feeling as good as I would have liked today but continue to improve during the week and get ready to go.”

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is preparing his team for the possibility of facing Matt Hasselbeck instead of Luck. 

“Every week you go into it, you know who the backup is and you show some clips of him," Bradley explained. "This week it might be a little bit more real so I think that you go into it, you prepare for Luck, you know everything that he likes to do, the style and mannerisms. But you might spend a little bit more time on Matt Hasselbeck and his demeanor and his mentality and how he goes about it and his different style. I think it’s probably more real than a normal week, no one can argue with that, so you have to be prepared for both.”

The possibility of Luck missing Sunday's game became quite a bit more real on Friday as the Colts signed journeyman quarterback Josh Johnson.  With backup Matt Hasselbeck already on the roster and the Colts already having a practice squad signal caller in Alex Tanney, there's no good reason why they would waste a roster spot on a veteran quarterback unless Hasselbeck was going to start the game.  

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