What The Jacksonville Jaguars Learned Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Jaguars couldn't stop the bleeding in Tampa Bay as they dropped their third-straight game, 38-31 to the Buccaneers. Find out how our keys to victory played out on Sunday.

The Jaguars had major breakdowns in all three phases of the game and couldn't overcome their own mistakes in their 38-31 loss to the not quite as lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Find out how our keys to victory played out. 

Keys to a Jaguars victory:

1. Confuse Winston.  Jameis Winston was able to get the ball out of his hands early with a lot of predetermined reads and he was only close to throwing an interception once.  The Jaguars couldn't muster any pressure against a pair of rookie tackles and they finished with just two sacks against a pretty immobile quarterback.  

2. Take some more shots.  The Jaguars took a couple deep shots to Allen Robinson which fell harmlessly to the ground.  Robinson was able to get some deep ball separation, but couldn't hook up with Bortles. 

3.  Start Fast.  The game went back and forth early on and Jacksonville never had more than a four-point lead.  Jacksonville was never in position to strike a  major blow to the Bucs morale.  

4.  Test the edges. The Jaguars didn't have much luck running the football anywhere, and they didn't stick with the run (which was probably the right move considering the way the game went).  Tampa dominated both lines of scrimmage. 

5.  Catch the ball.  Jacksonville receivers made all the plays that they were supposed to make.  The defenders weren't in position to make any plays on the ball. 

What to look for:

1.  Another strong game by Blake Bortles.  Bortles had one of his best games as a pro as he completed 23 of 33, for 303 yards, with a career-high four touchdowns and one interception.  The former UCF first-round pick was not the reason why his team lost.   

2.  V-Jax scores.  Vincent Jackson didn't score a touchdown but he did have a two-point conversion.  The Bucs game plan didn't involve a lot of passing.  

3.  Tough day for the running games.  It was a tough day for the Jaguars running game, but the Bucs running backs galloped through holes that would have had Trent Richardson productive.    

4.  A-Rob for 6.  Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson was very good again on Sunday as he caught seven passes for 72 yards with a pair of touchdowns.  

5.  They find a way.  The Jaguars found a way all right; They found a way to lose.  They couldn't have shot themselves in the foot any more and there are many more questions than answers.  

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