What The Jacksonville Jaguars Learned Against the Houston Texans

The Jaguars dropped their fourth straight game, 31-21, to the Houston Texans. Find out how our keys to victory actually played out.

The Jacksonville Jaguars moved to 1-5 on the season with their 31-21 loss to the Houston Texans.  Find out how our "Keys To Victory" played out in their actual game. 

Keys To A Jaguars Victory:

1.  Play smart.  The first hurdle could not be overcome by the Jaguars as they had two personal foul penalties that helped extend drives and three turnovers, including a pick-six.  This team isn't good enough to spot anyone three turnovers and win.  

2.  Win the line of scrimmage.  The Jaguars did a solid job defending the run, but they couldn't gain much traction in their own running game and abandoned it pretty early on.  Blake Bortles was also sacked three times and the Jaguars couldn't must up any rush with four defensive linemen. 

3.  Run to the edges.  The Jaguars had some success running outside, but without T.J. Yeldon the running game struggled.  

4.  Neutralize Watt (if he plays). J.J. Watt basically lived in the Jaguars backfield and Bortles did a nice job avoiding him on a lot of plays.  Watt was held to just two tackles and no sacks, but he was a factor.  

5.  Take your shots.  The Jaguars didn't throw a lot of deep balls, but that was dictated by the coverages that Houston played.    

What To Look For:

1.  Another solid game from the Allen's.  Allen Robinson had another productive day as he caught six passes for 86 yards with a touchdown.  Hurns was mostly shut down as he had just two receptions for 30 yards on seven targets.    

2.  Arian Foster goes over 100.  Foster had 112 yards from scrimmage with a 15-yard receiving touchdown.  He wasn't the difference maker, but he was one of them.   

3.  A few big plays by Denard Robinson.  Denard Robinson couldn't do much of anything with his touches as his longest run went for four yards and his longest pass was only eight yards.  

4.  Brian Hoyer plays well.  Hoyer wasn't spectacular, but he was very efficient.  He completed 24 of 36 passes, for 293 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions.  The Texans will take that every week.   

5.  The Jaguars dominate, then lose. The Jaguars never dominated the game, but they did end up with more yards and first downs.  It was a winnable game that they didn't win.  Familiar story.  

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