Who's To Blame For The Jaguars Loss On Sunday

The Jaguars dropped Sunday's game to the Houston Texans, 31-20. Find out who is most to blame.

It's time to play the blame game for the Jaguars most recent loss.  The team has lost four straight games and there doesn't seem to be an ending in sight.  

Who's To Blame?

Gus Bradley- 50 percent

Sure, the Jaguars head coach didn't miss any tackles, blow any coverages or commit any stupid penalties, but his team did- and he's responsible.  The Jaguars don't play smart football.  They had multiple personal foul penalties, they only lined up with 10 men on a field goal attempt and Bradley wasted a time out with a terrible challenge.  The team keeps taking steps back despite getting key players back and whatever Bradley is doing simply isn't working.  

"Those are tough lessons," Bradley said.  "Like I said, I think each week you learn new lessons. No matter win or lose there’s things that pop up. These are hard because I think they’re teaching us what it takes to be a consistent team and we’re not there yet or a team that can win right now at this point. Our team is going to learn from this and we’ll grow.”

Blake Bortles- 25 percent

The Jaguars quarterback feels responsibility to will his team to wins and he simply did too much.  Bortles talent is obvious and he's grown significantly, along with his receivers in Year 2.  With that said, he forced throws on Sunday and it was clear that he wasn't on the same page as tight end Julius Thomas, which led to a pair of Bortles three interceptions.  

“I think he pressed on that goal line situation," Bradley explained.  "He would be the first to admit that. It looked like he tried to force it into Julius and wanted to get him the ball rather than just throw it out of bounds. I also want to say this about Blake, he made some critical plays for us, extended plays, made some plays on the run and there’s a lot of good things that he’s doing. I think he’s learning that part of it, just take what the defense gives you, look it off, if it’s not there go to somebody else. Hard lessons, hard lessons for him.”

Davon House- 15 percent

The Jaguars decided to leave House on an island for much of the day against DeAndre Hopkins and that was a really bad move.  Hopkins torched House to the tune of 10 catches for 148 yards and a pair of touchdowns.  He is an elite wide receiver and House is a slightly above average defensive back.  That combination equated to disaster for the Jacksonville defense. 

“The first touchdown was a cover 2, outside release and I was just hoping Brian (Hoyer) would find me in the hole," Hopkins said.  "The safety was inside and the corner let me go outside of him and he put it where only I could get it.  It was a great throw for him to be able to see me in the back of the end zone.  

The second TD was a double move call and I got caught in a one-on-one, giving the best guy out there with a chance to make the play.”

Kicking Game- 5 percent

The Jaguars kicking game wasn't up to par again, as punter Bryan Anger had low hang time on his punts which allowed two returns.  Kicker Jason Myers missed an extra point which is inexcusable, especially considering the game he had two weeks ago where he missed two game-winning field goal attempts.  

Julius Thomas- 5 percent

The Jaguars tight end had his best game as a member of the team as he caught seven passes for 78 yards including a 29-yard touchdown.  With the good, Thomas also was not on the same page as his quarterback which led to a pair of interceptions.  It's nobody's fault, as both players just need to play more together.  Still, the mistakes happened and the team lost. 

"It’s not something that’s going to happen next week or the week after that," Thomas explained about his chemistry with Bortles. "It’s going to be something that we continue to build. You don’t just get a great rapport with somebody after one season. You get to be in every situation and you guys get to be able look at each other and know what’s happening. We’re working on that. That’s what we’re focusing on in practices. I’m trying to get a great feel for what he wants to do and he’s trying to get a great feel for how I am and how I play. It’s coming along. We’re continuing to understand each other a little better and hopefully continue to make plays.”

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