What The Jacksonville Jaguars Learned Against the Buffalo Bills

It wasn't pretty, or anything close to that, but the Jaguars found a way to get the job done. Find out how our keys to victory actually played out on Sunday.

The Jaguars used four takeaways to narrowly escape major embarrassment at the hands of the Buffalo Bills.  Let's compare how our keys to victory actually played out on Sunday.  

Keys to a Jaguars Victory:


  1. Bring the heat.  The Jaguars didn’t get a great amount of pressure on E.J. Manuel, but when they did blitz they were able to force him into mistakes which led to immediate points.  

  2. Run the ball well.  T.J. Yeldon had his best game as a pro and should have had multiple touchdowns, but Greg Olsen and company were hell-bent on using Toby Gerhart.  Still, the Jags ran for 120 yards as a team with Yeldon accounting for 115 of those.  

  3. Be dynamic on offense.  The Jaguars wide receivers made some plays, and some they simply didn’t make.  Still, the Allen’s both scored touchdowns and that was enough...barely.    

  4. Be good in the kicking game.  The Jags kicking game is brutal.  Jason Myers simply isn’t getting the job done and there’s no reason to waste any more time “developing” a kicker.  Punter Bryan Anger was terrible yet again and the team isn’t good enough to overcome horrific special teams on most days.   

  5. Stop Shady.  LeSean McCoy didn’t take over the football game by any means, but he still finished with 104 yards from scrimmage with a two-point conversion.  All in all, the Jaguars did a pretty decent job against one of the best backs in football.


What To Look For:  

  1. Look for another good game by Blake Bortles.  Bortles couldn’t get into much of a rhythm and that had a lot to do with how the game went.  The Jaguars didn’t have the football for nearly a half-hour of real time after the constant Buffalo miscues.  Bortles final numbers (13-29, 182 yards, 2 TD’s/1INT) don’t look great, but he made big throws when he needed to and led the team to a come-from-behind victory.

  2. Look for the Jaguars to register three or more sacks.  E.J. Manuel helped the Jaguars out a bit, but the team had four sacks for a loss of 38 yards.  The front-four couldn’t get much of a rush, but they did find success through the blitz.    

  3. Look for Charles Clay to play well.  The Jaguars actually did a great job on Clay as they held him to just three catches for 26 yards.    

  4. Allen Robinson for 6.  Robinson was called “average” after the game by Stephon Gilmore and that was after a six-catch, 98-yard, 1-touchdown performance.  I’ll take a bunch of “average” receivers like him and be very happy.  

  5. It’s winning time, finally!  It wasn’t pretty, in fact it was quite the opposite of that.  Still, the Jaguars made some winning plays at the end of the game and that is certainly better than the alternative.  Hopefully finishing with the proper outcome will have some carryover through the bye week.  

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