Jacksonville Jaguars Game Preview vs. New York Jets

Here is what the Jaguars need to do to pull off the upset in New York on Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) vs. New York Jets (4-3)

Sunday, November 8th, 1:00 P.M.

Kickoff Temperature: 56 degrees, 0% chance of precipitation

Line:  Jets by 9

The Jaguars enter Sunday's action well-rested and as healthy as any point in the season following their bye week after their 34-31 victory over the Buffalo Bills in London.  Meanwhile, the Jets come in losers of two straight games and desperately need a victory to stay in Wildcard contention.  Here's what has to happen if the Jaguars are going to find a victory. 

Keys to a Jaguars Victory:

1. Stop the run.  The Jets love to control clock with Chris Ivory and he has a violent running style.  The Jaguars need to force the Jets into being a one-dimensional team and put the game on the erratic arm of Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

2. Throw it around.  The Jets are the best in the NFL at stopping the run, and the Jaguars don't run it particularly effectively anyway.  Turn Blake Bortles loose and attack a pretty good secondary. 

3. Get Thomas involved.  The Jaguars have a pretty big matchup advantage with Julius Thomas against any of the New York linebackers or safeties.  He should be heavily involved in the offensive gameplan.  

4. Press the receivers.  Brandon Marshall is banged up, and nobody else is really all that scary.  The Jaguars do a poor job of challenging opposing receivers and they need to do a better job of that on Sunday.  

5. Be better on special teams.  The Jaguars have one of the worst kicking games in football and they have no return man that scares anyone.  You can't make Bryan Walters any faster, but Myers and Anger can kick and punt the ball better.  Boot it like your jobs are on the line, because they are. 

What to Look For:

1. Less than two sacks for the Jags D.  Through all of Ryan Fizpatrick's faults, he does get the ball out very quickly.  The Jaguars defense can't get too frustrated if they don't get to the quarterback.  

2. Look for a Chris Ivory TD.  The Jaguars tackling has been poor, and Ivory will run through a lot of good tacklers.  Look for Ivory to find paydirt. 

3Look for a big day from Allen Hurns.  Hurns will likely be matched up against Antonio Cromartie, and this is one matchup that the Jaguars can take advantage of. 

4.  Look for multiple TD's from Bortles, as well as multiple INT's.  This is one of the best defenses in football and they force mistakes and take chances.  Look for the Jaguars young quarterback to take advantage and be taken advantage of. 

5.  Look for the Jaguars to play them tough, but fall short.  The Jets simply have more good players than the Jaguars do, and a better head coach.  The Jags will show up, as they do every week, but it won't be quite enough.  

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