What the Jacksonville Jaguars Learned Against The Tennessee Titans

It wasn't pretty, but the Jaguars found a way to win their second consecutive game. Find out how our keys to victory actually played out on the field.

It was ugly, sloppy and if they would have played a better opponent the Jaguars might not have been as fortunate as to come out on the right side of a 19-13 outcome.  That said, the team will take it without apologizing and they move to 4-6.  Find out how our keys to victory and predictions actually played out on the field. 

Keys to a Jaguars victory:

1.  Contain Mariota.  The Titans rookie quarterback made a few plays with his feet, including the team's only touchdown, but for the most part he didn't beat the Jaguars running the football.  Mariota struggled with accuracy for much of the game and didn't play as well as his 22 for 35, 231-yard statline showed.  

2.  Attack in the passing game.  The Jaguars didn't take as many deep shots as expected, but Allen Robinson still had a stellar evening, catching five passes for 113 yards including a 38-yard catch over two defenders.  Most of the passing game was short.   

3.  Make a plan for Walker.  Titans tight end Delanie Walker was Mariota's main target in the passing game as he caught eight balls for 109 yards.  The Jaguars didn't do a particularly good job of covering him.  

4.  Max protect.  The Jaguars didn't protect Blake Bortles as well as they could've as the offensive line allowed four sacks.  Brian Orakpo was a monster for Tennessee, as he was able to get consistent pressure.   

5.  Load the box.  The Jaguars bottled up the Titans rushing attack for much of the night, but they still allowed 104 yards on 26 rushes for a 4.0 ypc average.  If you take away Mariota's runs, the team allowed just 75 yards on 21 carries.  

What to look for:

1. Big game Blake.  Blake Bortles wasn't great, but he came up clutch again.  His fourth fourth-quarter comeback victory of the season is more than any other quarterback in the NFL.  The final numbers were a respectable 21 for 30, 242 yards with one touchdown and an interception.  

2. Streak snapped.  Allen Hurns was shut out of the end zone, and he finished with just three catches for 19 yards.  He was only targeted four times.  

3. Walker scores.  Delanie Walker led the Titans in receiving, but failed to score as Tennessee was hardly in the red zone.  

4. Light pressure, few blitzes.  The Jaguars mixed up their pressure packages all night long and were able to get the Titans rookie quarterback down four times behind the line of scrimmage.  It was a solid performance by the guys in mustard.  

5.  The favorites find a way.  Winning is a process for young teams and the Jaguars found a way to get the job done.  They didn't play their best football or anything close to it, but they were clutch when they needed to be and that is a certain sign of growth.  

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