What the Jacksonville Jaguars Learned Against the San Diego Chargers

The Jaguars were outclassed by the San Diego Chargers, 31-25. Find out how our keys to victory actually played out on Sunday.

The Jaguars dropped to 4-7 with their 31-25 loss to the San Diego Chargers.  The team faltered in most areas and has now let the season finally get away from them.  

Keys to a Jaguars Victory:

1. Kick 'em while they're down.  The Jaguars got off to a good start, scoring on their first two drives, but they couldn't cash in with TD's. This gave the Chargers hope and that's all they seemed to need as they played with a significantly higher level of energy.  

2. Run it down their throat.  Jacksonville inexplicably went away from running the ball despite gaining solid chunks of yardage when utilizing the ground game.  The Jaguars ran the ball 19 times for 102 yards.  That's good production when they actually stuck to it. 

3. Press the receivers.  The Jaguars couldn't cover the underneath routes at all as Philip Rivers made his living throwing to the running backs and tight ends.  16 of Rivers 29 completions were to backs or tight ends. 

4. Stay away from Verrett.  Verrett played well and did a great job covering Allen Robinson.  A-Rob had one of the least productive games of his career as he caught just five passes for 56 yards including a garbage time touchdown. 

5. Blitz away.   The Jaguars chose to rush four and couldn't get home.  Rivers was able to get into a rhythm and the Chargers were more than functional on offense.  

What to Look For:

1. Look for T.J. Yeldon to score.  It was a long shot, because Yeldon doesn't get the football near the goal line, or even in the red zone, even when he gets the team there. 

2. Gates has a big day.  The future Hall of Famer always seems to kill the Jaguars and Sunday was no different.  Gates caught four passes for 53 yards with a pair of touchdowns.  

3. Allen Hurns gets back in the end zone.   Hurns was productive early on and caught four passes for 42 yards.  The day ended on a somber note as he was carted off the field after suffering what appeared to be a neck injury.  

4. Danny Woodhead catches six passes.  The diminutive Chargers running back caught exactly six passes for 39 yards.  The numbers don't seem all that impressive, but he had some big third-down conversions.  

5. Three straight wins for the Jags.  The Jaguars had a chance to take control of the game early and didn't, and Philip Rivers played like a future Hall of Famer.  The loss ends the Jaguars postseason hopes for all practical purposes.  

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