Jaguars Behind Enemy Lines- Tennessee Titans

Find out everything you need to know about this Sunday's rematch with the Tennessee Titans. publisher Charlie Bernstein asked publisher Greg Arias some intricate questions about the Titans and this week's matchup.  Find out everything you need to know about the Jaguars most hated rivals.  

Charlie Bernstein:  Has Mike Mularkey helped Marcus Mariota much since taking over as interim head coach?  What type of coach do you believe Tennessee will be looking for next year, more of an offensive guy or defensive guy?  Coordinator or experienced head coach? 

Greg Arias:  Yes I believe that Mike has helped Marcus if nothing more than being willing to max protect or hold a tight end or running back in as an extra blocker to cut down on the hits he, and Zach Mettenberger were taking under Ken Whisenhunt who tried to single block J.J. Watt with a rookie tackle the whole game in Houston. It's hard to say what they will be looking for in the next head coach because this ownership group is in Houston and they do not speak with the media at all so anything I say here is a guess at best. I will say I think it will be an offensive guy so they can continue to grow Marcus moving forward as the imputes for Whisenhunt's firing was to protect him and they know they have something special in him and any move they make will be to help him become a franchise quarterback.      
CB:  Will David Cobb be more involved in the game plan?  He was impressive at the Senior Bowl and a lot of people were high on him coming out of the draft.  
GA: They certainly want him to be but the injury and missing the first 8 games have slowed him down as he is working hard to get back into football and game shape. Mularkey said this week that he wanted to see a more equal division of carries but would go with a hot hand if one developed.  
CB:  The Titans have competed every week since Mularkey has taken over and the defense looks to be a solid unit.  Where are some of the weak links that the Jaguars should look to attack?  
GA:  That's easy, it's the secondary and in particular by using whatever receiver either Coty Sensabaugh of Blidi Wreh-Wilson are covering. Both players have made some plays, but both also allow big plays regularly and I think the Jags know this and will look to get the football outside against those two. You're right that they have competed. This team is still together and practices and plays hard, They have not given up in spite of the record and they feel like they should have won the first meeting so I expect them to come with everything they have Sunday.
CB:  Marcus Mariota had a tough game against Jacksonville a few weeks ago playing on a short week, as he missed plenty of open guys.  This is his first time seeing a team twice and he has a full week of preparation.  How much better do you believe he'll be?  
GA:  I think it will help him to have seen them so recently. It will be the first time he has faced the same teem for a second time this season- Houston and Indy rematches are later- so he has seemed very comfortable in practice this week. Marcus struggled last week against the Raiders also, and he has not had three bad games in a row, plus he is a fierce competitor and has talked about his struggles the last two weeks so look for him to play well. It might not be enough to get a win but I expect to see the good Marcus this time.
CB:  Where should the Titans go early in next year's draft?  A tackle for Mariota, another outside weapon for him or maybe the best available player in the secondary?  Or something else?  
GA:  Great question and one that fans here have been debating for a few weeks now. The Titans definitely need offensive line help along with a receiver, corner, safety and inside and outside linebackers. However, if they have the number one overall pick, I think a trade down is in order to obtain more picks. 
If they can not find a trade partner then I think offensive tackle with Laramey Tunsil should be the pick. I love Jalen Ramsey, LaQuan Treadwell, Reggie Ragland and Joey Bosa but I'm not sure that any of those guys in their positions are worth number one compared to a true franchise left tackle.    

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