The Jaguars Will Be Without Allen Hurns, Dan Skuta and Toby Gerhart on Sunday

The Jaguars will be without two key starters on Sunday in Nashville. Find out who will take their place and how the game plan could be different.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to sweep the Tennessee Titans, they're going to have to do so without wide receiver Allen Hurns and linebacker Dan Skuta, as both, along with running back Toby Gerhart have been ruled out for Sunday.  

Along with those, rookie wide receiver Neal Sterling, Bryan Walters and running back Bernard Pierce are all questionable.  

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley was ambitvalent about whether the team would make any roster moves in the wake of the injuries.  

“Yeah I think if something happened at a certain position that might be an option," Bradley said.  

The injuries allow an opportunity for former second-round pick Marqise Lee to get more playing time and potentially a bigger role.  

“Yeah I think we’ve always had the stories that take place and when you have an injury like that someone comes up and can take advantage of the opportunity. We’re excited to see if Marqise and Rashad (Greene) and those guys, and see them given more of an opportunity of what they can do," the Jaguars coach explained in his Friday press conference.  

Lee is more of a deep threat and Hurns is a precise route runner.  The oft-injured second-year receiver from USC gives the Jaguars offense a dimension that it's been missing, an actual speedster on the outside.  Going up against a very questionable in terms of talent secondary for the Titans could make for a big day.  

The chemistry between quarterback Blake Bortles and Lee can only improve as he gets more reps, in practice and on Sunday's. 

"For him the amount of reps he’s gotten is always good," Bradley explained of Lee. "You see guys like Julius and Blake the last couple of weeks have gone off on their own and worked on some timing things and you’re seeing the same things as Blake and Marqise. That’s a work in progress but it continues to be improving.”

Linebacker Thurston Armbrister will handle the bulk of the duty while filling in for Dan Skuta.  Since Armbrister, the undrafted rookie from Miami, isn't as good in coverage, expect to see the Jaguars employ a great deal of nickel, which could have them susceptible to the run.  

Toby Gerhart's absence shouldn't make much of a difference in the game plan.  He's been inactive in recent weeks and when he's active there really isn't a role that he's carved out that anyone else in the offense can't handle.  

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