What the Jacksonville Jaguars Learned Against the Tennessee Titans

The Jaguars lost a brutal game to the Titans, 42-39. Find out how our keys to victory actually played out.

Mistakes ruined career days from Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson in the Jaguars 42-39 loss against the Tennessee Titans.  Find out how our game preview played out.  

Keys to a Jaguars victory:

1.  Keep Mariota in the pocket.  The Jaguars lost contain on Mariota and it equated to an 87-yard touchdown run en route to a 112-yard rushing performance.  Mariota was very good, partially thanks to the Jaguars defense.  

2.  Take some deep shots.  Blake Bortles definitely took some shots down the field and Allen Robinson was the recipient of them.  The pair exposed an overmatched Titans secondary. 

3.  Max protect.  The Titans didn't get a lot of pressure on Sunday, but they got a big sack on fourth down when they needed one.  For what it's worth, the Jaguars went empty on the play.  

4.  Use Yeldon in the red zone.  The Jaguars tried to avoid giving Yeldon the ball in the red zone, as he had just three carries, but one of them went for a touchdown.  It's tough to argue with the red zone offense when they score six touchdowns in six possessions.   

5.  Contain Delanie Walker.  Walker had a nice game with eight catches for 92 yards, with a touchdown.  The Jaguars contained him in the second half.  

What to look for:

1.  An improved Mariota. Marcus Mariota was very good in this game and the Jaguars defense made life much easier for him.  He completed 20 of 29 throws, for 268 yards with three touchdowns and an interception off a dropped pass.  As mentioned above, he ran for 112 yards including an 87-yard touchdown.    

2.  An improved Bortles.  Blake Bortles was excellent as he completed 24 of 36 throws, for 322 yards with a franchise record five touchdowns and no turnovers.  Bortles quarterback rating of 134.5 was a career high.  He deserved a better outcome. 

3.  Tight ends rule the passing game.  The tight ends were pretty good in this game as Walker had 8-92-1 and Craig Stevens added a touchdown for the Titans. Julius Thomas caught a touchdown for the third straight game and Marcedes Lewis had one catch.  

4.  T.J. Yeldon scores.  It happened!  Yeldon had a nice day as he finished with 136 yards from scrimmage. 

5.  The Titans get the best of them.  The Jaguars lost yet another game which they probably should have won.  Two missed extra points by Jason Myers, a snap that went over Blake Bortles head for a touchdown and a complete loss of contain allowed Marcus Mariota to run for an 87-yard score.  Bad things continue to happen.   

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