The Jaguars Need A Tie on Sunday From The Colts and Texans To Control Their Own Destiny

Find out which outcomes Jaguars fans need to hope for on Sunday.

There's a saying that a tie in sports is like kissing your sister.  If so, the Jacksonville Jaguars need a little incest to come out of this Sunday's Houston Texans- Indianapolis Colts matchup.  

Any legitimate scenario that sees the Jaguars winning the AFC South includes the team winning it's final three games of the season.  As difficult as it will be for this team to string together four consecuive wins when the Jaguars haven't won as many as three in a row since 2013, they will need to do so and get help.  

Since the current divisional and playoff format began in 2002, there have only been five ties across the league.  The good news, if you want to call it that is that three of the five have occured in the previous three seasons and none so far this year.  

So the league is due for a tie, right?  

If fate were to intervene, the Jaguars would need the Texans and Colts to finish overtime deadlocked.  This would move both teams to 6-7-1 and open the door for the Jags to control their own destiny.  

In the much more likely event that there isn't a tie, let's examine the possibilities:

If the Texans win, they will be 7-7.  The victory would keep them a minimum of one game ahead of the Jaguars in the AFC South standings.  Since the Jaguars travel to Houston for the season finale, they can get even, right?  

In theory yes, but the divisional tiebreaker is where the boys in black and teal have a problem.  The Texans would move to 3-1 in the division with a victory.  The Jaguars currently have a 2-3 division record which would become 3-3 with a victory in the finale.  

To put it simply, the Jaguars playoff hopes would rest on the Tennessee Titans defeating the Houston Texans a week from Sunday.  That's puttng your eggs in a flimsy basket.  

If the Colts win, they will also be 7-7.  The victory would keep them a minimum of one game ahead of the Jaguars in the AFC South standings.  Indy's remaining games are against the Miami Dolphins (on the road) and the Tennessee Titans at home.  The win would move the Colts to 4-1 in the division and then the Jaguars would need Indy to lose to both Miami and Tennessee.  That's not particularly likely.  

In summation, Jaguars fans need to pray for a tie and obviously hope the team wins out. In the more likely event that there isn't a tie, the hope is that the Texans win on Sunday.  Although it's a long-shot, they only have to lose once and at least they'll be playing the Titans on the road.  

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