What the Jaguars Learned Against the Atlanta Falcons

The Jacksonville Jaguars dropped their final home game of the season, 23-17, to the Atlanta Falcons. Find out how our keys to victory actually played out.

The Jaguars longshot bid for a postseason berth ended in a thud on Sunday as they didn't have enough to overcome a 14-point deficit to the Atlanta Falcons.  Let's take a look at how our keys to victory actually played out. 

Keys to a Jaguars Victory:

1.  Get some pressure on Matt Ryan.  Ryan had a clean jersey for most of the day as the Jaguars pressure was intermittent at best.  They totaled one sack for a loss of one yard and just three quarterback hits.  

2.  Bracket Julio Jones.  The Jaguars tried to bracket Jones and they didn't leave Davon House on an island much, but the ultra-talented wide receiver still caught nine passes for 118 yards.  He put up that sort of production and the Jaguars really didn't have any breakdowns against him.  He's that good. 

3.  Don't shy away from the running game.  The Jaguars tried to establish the run with Denard Robinson, but he wasn't up to the task.  He had 14 carries for 28 yards and a pair of fumbles.  Robinson was used out of the backfield as he caught eight passes for 46 yards. 

4.  Make your kicks.  The Jaguars kicking game was really good Sunday.  Myers made both of his extra points and his only field goal attempt.  As a bonus, even Bryan Anger punted well.  

5.  Win the turnover battle.  The Jaguars didn't lose the turnover battle, but they didn't win it either.  Blake Bortles threw a killer interception when the team had a 1st-and-goal from the 1 which led to a Falcons field goal.  At worst, that's a six-point game in a game you lost by six.  

What to look for:

1.  A Julio Jones TD.  Jones didn't score, but he played awfully well.  He took up most of the attention and guys like Justin Hardy and Roddy White had nice games and big third down conversions.  

2.  Less than two sacks by the Jaguars.  The Jaguars had just one sack and they're going to have to get better at rushing the passer if they're going to contend next season. 

3.  Look for a Bortles interception.  Blake had just one pick, but it was a killer that took points off the scoreboard.  He rebounded nicely, and had a solid game overall. 

4.  Return of Allen Robinson to triple-digits.  The Falcons did a nice job on Allen Robinson as he caught just three passes for 57 yards and a touchdown.  The Falcons made it a point to run two men at A-Rob wherever he went. 

5.  The season ends.  The Jaguars didn't get blown out, but they played a team that good teams beat and they simply didn't get the job done.  They simply didn't make enough plays to win, despite being very competitive.  That's a microcosm of the 2015 Jaguars. 

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