What The Jaguars Learned In Sunday's Loss To the Saints

The Jacksonville Jaguars were blown out in New Orleans, 38-27. Find out how our keys to victory played out in the loss.

The Jaguars had a disappointing showing in New Orleans, as they were thoroughly dominated by the Saints.  Find out what went wrong and how our keys to victory played out. 

Keys to a Jaguars Victory:

1.  Pressure Drew Brees.  The Jaguars were unable to affect an injured Drew Brees in any legitimate way.  They registered a total of five quarterback hits and only one sack against an immobile quarterback with a hurt foot.  They never had a chance. 

2.  Keep attacking on offense.  The defense was so bad that it put undo pressure on the offense.  Jacksonville attacked down the field, but it was too little, too late after going down 24-0 early on.  

3.  Locate Brandin Cooks.  Cooks was open all game long, as were most of the New Orleans pass catchers.  The diminutive first-round pick had five catches for 123 yards, including a 71-yard score as he ran by Nick Marshall.   

4.  If the running game doesn't work, abandon ship.  The Jaguars were unable to get much going on the ground, as Denard Robinson simply doesn't have the vision and explosiveness of T.J. Yeldon.  

5.  Win special teams.  The Jaguars didn't commit any egregious errors on special teams and it really didn't matter.    

What to Look For:

1.  Bortles goes over 50.  Blake Bortles threw the ball and threw it well for the most part.  As for the 50 attempts, the Jaguars ran just 50 plays of offense and Bortles had a nice fantasy day.  The Jaguars quarterback went 27 of 35, for 368 yards with four touchdowns and a pair of interceptions.   

2.  Thomas finds paydirt.  Tight end Julius Thomas was a non-factor as he caught two passes for 12 yards.  He must play better.    

3.  Cooks has a big game.  Brandin Cooks was dominant as mentioned above, but everyone was able to get open seemingly at will.   

4.  Brees will carve up the secondary.  Brees was spectacular on Sunday, and the Jaguars defense helped with that.  No pressure and poor coverage will make anyone look great.  It will make a Hall of Famer like Brees go 25 for 36, for 412 yards with three touchdowns.  

5.  Jags drop a shootout.  The Jaguars got off to such a poor start that they didn't have enough time to get back into the game.  It was a poor effort. 

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