What The Jaguars Learned Against the Houston Texans

The Jaguars were flattened by the Houston Texans, 30-6, in their season finale. Find out how our keys to victory played out.

The Jaguars ended their 2015 season with a thud as they were thoroughly dominated by the Houston Texans.  Find out how our keys to the game played out on the field. 

Keys to a Jaguars victory:

1.  Block Watt.  The Jaguars couldn't come close to blocking Watt or Whitney Mercilus.  Sam Young started at right tackle for Jermey Parnell and the usual amount of help that goes Luke Joeckel's way couldn't.  It was a clear mismatch and Watt wrecked the Jaguars offense. 

2.  Put the game on Bortles arm.  The offensive line couldn't protect Bortles, the receivers dropped some balls and Bortles made a few bad reads.  It was a recipe for absolute disaster. 

3.  Double Hopkins.  DeAndre Hopkins was mostly held in check, as he had seven catches for 89 yards.  Davon House did a nice job on him for most of the day.   

4.  Pull out the whole bag.  The Jaguars couldn't attempt much on offense because they rarely had the ball and when they did they couldn't block.  Defensively, they had a decent game plan with a mix of blitzes.  

5.  Relish the opportunity.  The team had no urgency whatsoever.  It's a reflection on their coaching. 

What to look for:

1.  No pressure from the front-four.  The front four did absolutely nothing as expected.  Houston even lost their starting left tackle, Duane Brown, early in the game and they still couldn't get any pressure. 

2.  Bad safety play.  The tandem of Cyprien and Brown saved their worst for last.  It's tough to imagine either coming back next year.  

3.  Two more TD's from Bortles.  Blake Bortles actually threw no touchdowns (to his own team), and many things played a factor.  No protection, dropped passes and you can tell that the young quarterback was rattled.   

4.  A-Rob plays well.  Allen Robinson played mostly well, catching five passes for 108 yards.  He did have a few key drops and made virtually no effort to break up an early interception.  

5.  The Jags finish 5-11. All of the improvement that we saw seemed to disappear on Sunday.  The team looked as if it took several steps back and they are a considerable ways away from being a playoff team. 

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