Jaguars 2013 Draft Class Was A Complete Bust

In the Jaguars season ending embarrassment in Houston, the failures of the 2013 Draft Class were pronounced.

It's difficult to imagine someone being at their absolute best professionally in their first day, month or year on a particular job.  

In 2013, recently hired general manager Dave Caldwell had his first opportunity to draft in his position.  

After three seasons of information, the results haven't been good, and in Sunday's 30-6 loss to the Houston Texans, the missed picks made blunders all over the field.  

To be fair to Caldwell, the 2013 NFL Draft class is one of the worst in recent memory.  There are much more misses than hits and since he's been better in his role.  

Second-overall pick Luke Joeckel was supposed to be the left tackle of the present and future for the Jags.  So much so that they dealt away former first-round pick Eugene Monroe for a late-round pick.  It simply hasn't worked out well.  

Joeckel isn't the worst left tackle in the NFL, but he's not functional without help.  Since right tackle Jermey Parnell missed Sunday's game, Sam Young was inserted at right tackle.  Young having a roster spot is a testament to the lack of suitable tackles in the NFL.  

Since the team had to help Young on occasion, Joeckel was often left on an island against J.J. Watt and/or Whitney Mercilus, and each player beat him consistently and wrecked any chance the Jaguars had of functioning on offense.  

Perhaps Joeckel's struggles wouldn't be quite as pronounced if he wasn't selected so high, but the truth of te matter is that he's not a functional left tackle, much less a player worthy of the No. 2 overall pick.  

Moving on, second-round pick Jonathan Cyprien looks the part of a big, rangy safety, but he's dysfunctional at best.  Cyprien struggles with angles, misses far too many tackles and it's likely that he would be nothing more than a special teams player on another team.  The former second-round pick missed several tackles on Sunday and misplayed several passes.  He even dropped a pretty easy interception.   

In his three years of starting, he's looked average on his very best days, and those have come far too rarely.  It's not only that Cyprien doesn't make big plays, he doesn't make the routine plays and that exacerbates the Jaguars problems on defense.  

Third-round pick Dwayne Gratz has been benched more often than not in his third season and for good reason- he can't play any position in the secondary. Gratz struggles covering even the most pedestrian receivers and it's highly likely that he won't be back next season.  

Caldwell used a fourth-round pick on wide receiver Ace Sanders, who was suspended by the NFL for substance abuse, and later cut by the team.  

Fifth-round pick Denard Robinson doesn't have a true position where he succeeds.  He can't handle the role of running back, doesn't run good enough routes or has the hands to be an effective wide receiver and he doesn't return kicks or punts.  Again, he looks the part, but he's struggled in Year 3.  Robinson had a big fumble in Sunday's game.  

Sixth-round pick Josh Evans was supposed to be a complement to Jonathan Cyprien at safety, and he is- neither can cover anyone.  Evans has often been thrust into a starting role and time and time again has proven that he's not capable of the role.  

Seventh-round pick, cornerback Jeremy Harris was let go prior to the season after he struggled mightily in the preseason. 

The Jaguars final pick in the 2013 Draft, cornerback Demetrius McCray at least made this year's roster, but he has struggled enough to where the team has benched him.  

If you're keeping track, almost all of the Jaguars 2013 draft picks have started from time and time and not one of them is even an average player at their position.  Their struggles on Sunday, and this season have torpedoed Jacksonville into another 5-11 finish.  

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