Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Bob Babich, Will They Do Better?

Find out why the Jaguars will have a difficult time finding Bob Babich's replacement.

In a move that would be considered a surprise to just about no one, the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired defensive coordinator Bob Babich.  

Babich had served his post for three seasons, and the results haven't been particularly good.  The defense finished 28th in scoring in 2013, 26th in 2014 and 31st this past season.  

Sure, not all of it is Babich's fault.  The Jaguars haven't had much talent on defense and that can be pointed to poor drafting and free agency spent on the other side of the ball.  

Still, Babich and/or Gus Bradley are yet to show an ability to adjust their scheme to their personnel (or lack thereof).  It can be argued that the Jaguars have better personnel than team's like Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta, who finished considerably better on defense.  

The Jaguars "heavy 4-3" doesn't seem to be working, at least not with the personnel they have.  It's tough to imagine players like Jared Odrick, Paul Posluszny, Telvin Smith and Dan Skuta playing much better than they did in the scheme.  Still, the defense was rendered leaky at best, and a complete sieve at worst. 

The challenge ahead for Gus Bradley is finding an experienced defensive coordinator who will take a job with a head coach entering his last season under contract.  As nice of a guy as Bradly is, there's virtually no job security for any coordinator under a one-year deal, and it wouldn't make much sense for general manager Dave Caldwell to give a DC more years on his deal than the head coach has.  

One would assume that whomever the Jaguars hire to be the new DC would be an improvement over Babich.  Still, their work is certainly cut out for them and it's going to be very difficult to get anyone established, or a rising star at the position.  It basically has to be someone "off the street" and there's usually a reason why those guys aren't working. 

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