Which Free Agents The Jaguars Should Keep In The Offseason: Part 1

Find out which free agents the Jaguars should re-sign and which they should move on from.

The Jaguars have nine unrestricted free agents from this year's roster, a pair of restricted free agents and an exclusive rights free agent. We're going to look at each of them and determine whether they should be in the team's plans moving forward. 


Marcedes Lewis, TE, 31 years old- Marcedes has spent his entire career with the Jaguars and although he's been a great locker room guy, he's never lived up to first-round draft expectations.  At this point in his career, he's a solid second or third tight end and he's already made plenty of money in Jax.  If he'll take a short term, moderate money deal ($2-3 million/yr), it would be good to keep him around.  

Chad Henne, QB, 30 years old- Henne is a serviceable backup and he seems happy with his role.  There is a major need for solid, veteran backups around the league and he fits that bill.  If the Jaguars can keep him for around the same $3.5 million he made last season, it would make a lot of sense, being that he knows Greg Olsen's system. 

Stefen Wisniewski, C, 26 years old- Wisniewski signed on a one-year deal in 2015 and won the starting center job from Luke Bowanko.  Wiz was inconsistent at best, and cost the team at least one game with his bad snaps.  It's more likely that he's allowed to explore the free agent market and he won't be a major priority to re-sign. 

Andre Branch, DE, 26 years old- Branch was a former second-round pick by Gene Smith, and he's been a bust for the most part.  Branch has flashed for a few plays, but he consistently gets dominated by offensive tackles and isn't great against the run.  There's not much reason to bring him back, and there's less reason to get into any bidding war with any other team. 

Clay Harbor, TE, 28 years old- Harbor is a very solid third tight end and depending on what they decide about Marcedes Lewis, he could move into the spot of second tight end.  There's no reason to get into any sort of bidding war, and there likely won't be many suitors for his services. 

Bryan Anger, P, 27 years old- Anger is the highest drafted punter in nearly two decades, and he's simply average.  He did his best punting down the stretch run of the season, but he can easily be replaced with anyone off the street.  If Anger is re-signed, he should make the league minimum. 

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