The Jacksonville Jaguars Will NOT Be Relocating To St. Louis

Find out why the mindless speculation of the Jaguars moving to St. Louis is just that.

Any city losing their NFL team is nothing to celebrate.  

With that said, it was a bit of a relief that for the first time in a long time, the Jacksonville Jaguars were not mentioned in the great race for Los Angeles, which ended with the Rams bolting St. Louis and what will likely be the Chargers moving 120 miles north from San Diego.  

Although Jaguars fans didn't have to hear about their beloved team leaving for Southern California, there were uninformed media types that speculated a move to St. Louis, based on....well, not much.  

The only thing dumber than St. Louis losing their football team would be to immediately give them another one that people care even less about.

There have been rumors that the Jacksonville Jaguars would be moving to St. Louis because owner Shad Khan tried to purchase the Rams.

Those rumors are so unintelligent that they should not be entertained and here's why:

  • Khan did try to purchase the Rams because he wanted to purchase an NFL team.
  • Khan is a billionaire with homes all over the world, not just in the St. Louis/Illinois area.
  • Khan has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrading Everbank Field and is currently building a new amphitheater and indoor practice facility for the team.  It would be pretty stupid to do that and then spend an additional $550 million just to leave.
  • The Jaguars are in an air-tight lease with the city of Jacksonville.  The only way to break it would be to show that they lost money for three consecutive years.  No NFL team is going to open up their books to legal scrutiny, after all they are a non-profit.

The Jaguars future is secure in Jacksonville so long as the stadium situation obliges.  They have a very functional facility and they're adding to their facilities with a covered practice field and amphitheater.  Shad Khan has been the best thing for this franchise since Wayne Weaver convinced the NFL to come to Jacksonville back in 1993.  

Trust in Khan.  

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