Jaguars May Still Sign More Free Agents

Although the Jaguars were one of the league's biggest free agent spenders over the first two days, they are still trying to strengthen the defense.

If the Jaguars don't sign another free agent they will have a significantly stronger roster than they left the 2015 season with.  

With that said, they might not be done. 

"I think that this has been a good couple of days for us," Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell said.  "Our roster is not set here.  We still have work to do.  We have the 5th pick in the Draft, eight draft picks and with free agency there’s still players that could come available or are still available that we’re working on.” 

The advantage of having a head coach and general manager on the hot seat is that they will pull out all the stops to try and win.  SInce the salary cap keeps rising and the team doesn't have any cap issues, spending today to enjoy tomorrow is a great thing for the fans, and it just might keep Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley employed. 

"I always said that I was going to do what was best for the organization, no matter what," Gus Bradley admitted in a one-on-one interview with JagsInsider at the Senior Bowl.

The Jaguars have reportedly talked to New York Giants defensive end Robert Ayers, who had a career year in 2015 with 9.5 sacks in just 12 games. That extrapolates to more than 12.5 sacks in a full 16-game season.  

Although that is a huge number, you do have to take into account that the Giants defense finished last in the NFL in yards allowed and last in passing. Teams simply threw more against the Giants (29th most pass attempts) than most other teams, therefore he had more chances for sacks. 

If they were to sign Ayers, they would have a defensive line that consists of Sen'Derrick Marks, Malik Jackson, Robert Ayers and Dante Fowler, with depth of Roy Miller, Tyson Alualu and Ryan Davis.  

That's a major weakness looking like a very legitimate strength.  

"We have an overall budget," Caldwell explained.  "Tim Walsh and John Idzik are the people who handle most of our contracts and Chris Polian and Chris Driggers have done a great job of identifying the market for us.  We knew it was going to be an aggressive market with the salary cap going up.  And with teams having as much salary cap as they had, we knew it was going to be a very, very aggressive market.  So we set our price range for each player.  At certain times we go over them and certain times we fall under them.  I think for us it’s an overall budget and then it’s specific by player.” 

Another player who is expected to visit the Jaguars is former Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara.  He is a long-armed cornerback who has played well when healthy, but he's missed 25 games in his five-year career. Although he would certainly represent an upgrade and add depth, the real question is how many games can you count on him for?

It's likely that any contract with Amukamara would have significant playing time incentives.  

The Jaguars defense looks pretty good on paper, assuming that they don't make any other moves.  With that said, they need to add depth to account for the inevitable amount of injuries that will occur.  


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