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Allen Hurns is Allergic to ... Grass?

The receiver has dealt with the allergy throughout his football career.

Football consists of many different constants. It all starts with the athletes--there wouldn't be a game to be played without them. 

And these players have coaches, and the coaches have bosses. Then you have the pigskin, the most coveted object in the football realm.

But there's another constant that most players encounter for the majority of a season, and it's right under their feet.


Unless you're a member of a team like the Houston Texans or Indianapolis Colts, who utilize artificial turf, you're going to encounter grass on Sundays, Mondays and the occasional Thursday or Saturday.

Many athletes don't have a problem with grass, unlike turf which many believe may lead to an increased risk of injury.

But Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Hurns is likely to have a different view. That's because the Jaguars star is allergic to grass, one of the integral parts of his job.

At daily practices or in games at Jacksonville's EverBank Field, Hurns can usually be seen wearing a combination of a long-sleeve shirt and long tights. And although this can only add to the discomfort the Florida heat can provide, Hurns knows he doesn't have another viable option--it's just a part of his life.

After a seafood allergy diagnosis in high school, Hurns went through skin tests that revealed the allergy that would become what he called a nuisance in an ESPN article.

The effects of the allergic reactions could be seen after games or practices, when Hurns would have rashes that were usually confined to his arms and legs.

Rashes and the itching are the main issues Hurns deals with. He said in the same ESPN interview that grass has no harmful effects on his breathing and doesn't lead to a stuffy nose. 

And Hurns has learned to cope with his allergy. When the breakouts and itching become more severe than what he's used to, the receiver takes a Benadryl to help with the discomfort. 

Although the money he's going to make with the Jaguars is a plus, there may be a more subtle reason Hurns is glad to play for the team.

The team travels to Houston and Indianapolis once each year, giving Hurns a break from the grass and the thought of having breakouts.

With Hurns' production on the field, it's hard to think of the allergy as having any real effect on the third-year receiver.

"At times it gets pretty aggravating, but for the most part it’s been holding up good," Hurns said in the ESPN article.

As the season approaches, Hurns is sure to be more of a nuisance to the grass as he digs his cleats in the surface, making his way down the field for a score ... something he did 10 times a year ago.


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