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Jacksonville Jaguars Skip OTAs for the Best Possible Reason

The Jaguars cancelled their OTA to visit patients in the area.

Usually when a player skips OTAs, they are wanting a new contract or simply trying to make a point.

But what about when a whole team does it?

Heading into their ninth OTA, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to take a day off, but not for money, a rest or a protest.

Players used the day to visit patients at four area health centers, including Wolfson Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.

Players and staff seemed to enjoy giving back to the community while taking a break from their daily routines. Jaguars running back Joe Banyard tweeted a pic of the work the team was doing.


While it was a break from football, the team still went to work, but to help and serve others.


First-round pick Jalen Ramsey was one of many who enjoyed serving the local community and people.




And while the team is expected to complete their final OTA Friday, the players won't soon forget the today's experience, nor will the patients.


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