The Ghost of Justin Blackmon

Jaguars Training Camp was loaded today with fans & expectations, as they piled in under the hot Florida sun to watch their favorite team gear up for a new NFL season. I expected the usual suspects like Bortles and Telvin Smith to put on a show for the crowd; while Jalen Ramsey and the new guys introduced themselves in style.

Jaguars Training Camp was loaded today with fans & expectations, as they piled in under the hot Florida sun to watch their favorite team gear up for a new NFL season.  I expected the usual suspects like Bortles and Telvin Smith to put on a show for the crowd; while Jalen Ramsey and the new guys introduced themselves in style.  What I didn't expect was a Justin Blackmon Flashback, as #14 ran routes across the field.  First Coast News Reporter Mike Kaye originally pointed it out to me and wow, was it an odd sight.  Immediately, my mind was flooded with memories of how great Blackmon could have been on the field and how disappointing he ultimately was because of his lack of control off the field. 

However, the receiver I was watching wasn't the former 5th overall pick out of Oklahoma State but instead, Shane Wynn, an undrafted 23 year old out of Indiana. 

After doing some digging on the mysterious Hooiser, Wynn's path to Everbank couldn't be more different than Blackmon's.  

Wynn made it through the entire 2015 NFL Draft without hearing his name called, before signing with Atlanta.  He then bounced around the league from the Falcons to the Browns, Jets, Chargers, and Saints before ending up in Duval County this summer with the Jaguars.  When you look at the tale of the tape, Wynn measures up on the shorter side at 5'6 while Blackmon was a much lengthier 6'1.  Wynn has never failed a league drug test, while Blackmon is probably still loading up on BIC lighters and Doritos at his local Circle K to enjoy a night doing the very thing that got him kicked out of the NFL in the first place.

Then it clicked for me.. Wynn represents so much more then a new #14.

Sure, individually he is fighting through adversity for a coveted roster spot.  But watching him zig-zag across the field catching passes, reminded me of how far this team has come, and made me realize Wynn is bigger than himself.

He represents a city tired of losing and ready turn the corner for success.

He represents a franchise looking ahead after flipping the last page of a book on past, bad decisions.

He represents a team that is hungry, young, and ready to battle.

He represents his name, a name that encompasses everything the Jaguars want in 2016- to Wynn!


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