House of Pain

The Jags acquired cornerback, Davon House last season from the Green Bay Packers. He struggled early in the season, but caught fire down the stretch. At 27 years old, he is approaching his physical prime. He is already looking like a different kind of athlete compared to last year.

Jags cornerback, Davon House was brought in last year to fill a large void in the secondary. Though he broke the record for pass deflections in a season for the Jags, the secondary as a whole was a major disappointment. Now with all the new additions such as FSU rookie Jalen Ramsey and Prince Amukamara the competition is higher than its ever been. However, instead of getting lost in the shuffle, House has shown just how versatile of a cornerback he is. He brings a unique skill set to his position by playing with incredible length and physicality for a 6'0 196lb defensive back.

This is the most depth the Jags have had in the secondary within the last decade, and not only is House standing out, he is arguably the most impressive defensive back in training camp so far.  "On the field, I want to be a more complete player," stated House. The skills House brings to the table can't be denied. He was a huge step up in what the Jags previously had at the position. However, he did struggle against DeAndre Hopkins last season, though so did every other corner back in the game. What makes House special though, he is humble. He knows he is not perfect and his work ethic on the field is second to none.

This is a player you want on your team, he makes everyone around him better. He is not afraid to get into the face of an opposing wide receiver and he consistently plays with pressure and physical dominance. He is not a speedy or flashy type of cornerback, but a physical grinder who will wear down his opposing receiver as the game goes on. Davon House is everything you want in a starting defensive back. He works hard, knows his faults, plays physical football, and can take on a role as a leader on this Jags defense. House will only continue to get better, and at 27 years old he is approaching his physical prime. Jags fans should look forward to seeing the growth of their young cornerback.


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