A-Rob's Quest For Madden Ratings

Jags WR Allen Robinson completed the 2015 season with 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. Any NFL team would welcome those stats with open arms. However, this is not good enough for the young star out of Penn St. I asked him in the locker room what his main focus was for 2016. "Improve my rating on Madden, but you know just go out there everyday and improve the small things to make things easier on Blake like becoming a better route runner," said Allen.

Allen Robinson's current Madden rating is at 88. He is the 17th highest rated receiver, this is shocking considering most networks have him ranked inside the top 7 at the receiver position. Though he is behind guys who were injured last year such as Jordy Nelson and Dez Bryant. There is no reason he should be behind Keenan Allen, Doug Baldwin, Steve Smith, Julian Edelman or Larry Fitzgerald. Not only were his stats far superior than any of those receivers; his overall athleticism, speed and hands were better as well.

It's known the Jags are not a massive market, and don't always get the most media attention. If A-Rob would have been on the Cowboys or the Broncos, He would be ranked top 5 easily. He has his problems and realizes he needs to improve his route running, but by the end of the 2015 season, no one could play jump ball better than A-Rob. He brings a great combination of size and speed as well as the tenacity to fight for the ball with blanket coverage.

At the end of the day, the Madden rating doesn't mean anything. It's a popularity contest and that's why unless someone is a bonafide super star (you could make the case for A-Rob) their rating will not be what it should be if they are in a smaller market. We as Jags fans know A-Rob's potential, we have seen it at the highest level and through out training camp. He was drafted in the second round to be the number two receiver for (behind Marqise Lee). The chip on his shoulder is evident and will only continue to motivate him. Not only has he blown his NFL expectations out of the water, it will be no different come the next Madden update. He will show the world just what his Madden rating should be.


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