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The Jags will be having a joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tomorrow and the stakes will be high. Rarely does a team have so much pressure on them for a practice. These teams have so many similarities in terms of match ups and skill positions. The Jags have to look good against also going through their rebuilding process.

           This could not be a more perfect joint practice, for both teams. The Jags and the Bucs both have young quarterbacks (Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston) , high profile wide receivers (Allen Robinson and Mike Evans) , and drafted big physical cornerbacks in 2016 (Jalen Ramsey and Vernon Hargreaves III) . Both of these teams are going through their rebuilding phases, and have a lot of young up and coming talent. This will be a great test for both teams, and we will get to see just how far the Jags have come in terms of progress.

            It’s not just the fact both these teams are in similar situations, they also bring match ups that cannot be ignored. Can Jalen Ramsey cover the Bucs big receivers in Mike Evans or Vincent Jackson? Can the Jags run the ball with Gerald McCoy collapsing the pocket? Can Allen Robinson burn Vernon Hargreaves III? Who will look better Hargreaves or Ramsey? Both will be compared for the rest of their careers because of where they played at college.

            The most intriguing aspect of this practice is Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston. Both of these young quarterbacks are considered the future of the position. They are big-armed quarterbacks who can sling the ball down field and share similar traits in terms of size and play style. They are reminiscent of Brett Favre, they will throw a bone headed interception one drive, then make a highlight reel touchdown the next. Both quarterbacks need improvement their completion percentage, but they have that true gunslinger mentality. Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston take the risks that great quarterbacks have to take. They don’t always work out, but in order to achieve greatness at the quarterback position, one must take advantage of the NFL rules by taking shots down the field. Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston do just that.


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