Ramsey's Rite of Passage

The Jags selected Jalen Ramsey third overall for a reason. He is big, physical and fast. He has the ability to play both the safety and cornerback position, and will be used in a variety of defensive packages. His combination of size and speed are rare for a defensive back and you don’t usually see them drafted so high. Ramsey is a unique talent, and his talents will be put to the ultimate test come Sunday night.

A.J. Green enters his sixth year in the NFL and consistently puts up top 5 numbers. He is a five time pro-bowler and two-time all-pro team member. The third preseason game is usually the game the starters play the most time. Jalen Ramsey was picked as high as he was to start right away. Here is his chance to show what he can do against an all-pro wide receiver.

Ramsey spent most of last week covering Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans and played well against the big-bodied receiver. Green is a different breed of athlete. At 6’4 207lbs, he plays with great length for the jump ball, but can also burn cornerbacks to go deep. Green has not only faced some of the NFL’s best cornerbacks, but historically great defenses in the Ravens and Steelers.

We can’t expect Ramsey to go out there and shut Green down for three quarters, but the expectations are there. Ramsey has all the tools to be one of the best cornerbacks in the game. His size and speed are enough to keep up with Green, it’s the on the field savvy that will be the challenge for Ramsey.  

“It will go the same way as I always prepare. First focus on myself; make sure I have everything right for myself.” Said Ramsey, when asked about his preparation for Green.

The greatest test of his young NFL career will be brought on display Sunday night. It’s a big night for this entire team; the Jags haven’t played Sunday night football in seven years. Ramsey will have his chance to shine on the while the Jags play in front of the entire country on Sunday night football.


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