In Shad We Trust

What has Shad Khan done since buying the team that you would consider even remotely half hearted?

I have always been a big believer in evolution.  If you don't change and don't evolve your clock is ticking.   Well a few of the economically challenged over at  Metro Jacksonville aren't too pleased with the renderings and projections of the new Flex-Field at Everbank, Daily's Place.  Look I am fine with people having their opinions.   I have plenty of them.  But here is what I think is crazy.   What has Shad Khan done since buying the team that you would consider even remotely half hearted?  From the pools/cabanas to the scoreboards to the brand new US Assure Club Everbank has gone from early 90's bland bore to 2016 pristine.   To think that this will be cheap or bland is just nonsense. 

Oh my... .what a dump

Shad Khad is the single most important owner to his/her city in the NFL.   Stan Kroenke is just another LA billionaire.   Jerry Jones is filthy rich. He isn't even Dallas' richest owner.  (Mark Cuban).  Without Shad Khan this city is where St Louis was last year and where Oakland and San Diego are headed in 2017.  By the way none of this cost any resident a penny.  Not a cent.  People like to play the taxpayer card.  It's a tourist tax.   Not a property nor a sales tax.   Saying it's unfair to taxpayers is the equivlent of people complaining about how expensive it costs to ride the Subway here in Jacksonville.  (It's not supposed to make sense.

So let's pause for a second and think about what this city has with Shad Khan.   An owner the is willing to split the cost of building projects that he and his organization will run 20% of the time and the city and other partners will take the bottom the other 80%.   He paid half but will benefit less than a quarter.  Has Shad Khan done anything in his 4 plus years here that leads you to believe he any where near a half effort guy?  The answer is "No".   If you said "Yes"?  I hope you are on NASA's short list for its 1st non return flight to Mars. 

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