Coaches Corner -Feature- DeWayne Walker

DeWayne Walker is the defensive backs coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and has held that position since 2013.

DeWayne Walker is the current defensive backs coach, and has 28 years of coaching under his belt, starting back in 1988 with Mt. San Antonio Community College. He has spent time with major college programs such as Oklahoma State , BYU, California, USC, and UCLA. The Jaguars are his fourth NFL team in his coaching career, following New England, New York (Giants) and Washington, respectively. He has been with the Jaguars since 2013.  

Kerry Belkin: With cuts going from 90 players to 75, and then to 53, how do you evaluate which players make the cut?

DeWayne Walker: Well, the tape tells everything. Sometimes you have a lot of close battles, so some of these decisions are really hard, but you just try to go off your instincts and base everything off what we see on tape throughout training camp. 

KB:  What are the most Important metrics to you when evaluating players?

DW: Just fits. Fits are the most important. How many corners we need to keep, how many safeties, how many nickels…just the distribution of all the positions that best fits us getting ready for the season.

KB: The Cincinnati game was the most important preseason game, what did you see from your starters that you felt was good?

DW: I thought we were solid. I thought our alignment were good. We didn’t give up any explosive plays to their starters. I thought they played pretty solid. The good part of this group is that we still have a ceiling, we still have room for improvement. 

KB: What did you see during the game that you felt they need to improve on?

DW: Just continue to try to get our hands on more balls. That’s kind of been our nemesis since we’ve been here, that’s something we’ve shown in practice and done a much better job of, now we just have to get it in the games.

KB: Aaron Rogers and the packers are coming to town next week, what advice are you going to give your players in advance of that game?

DW: Eye discipline and make sure everyone is doing their job. He makes a lot of plays when he extends plays, so we just have to do a good job with our eye discipline.

KB: Does your preparation change knowing that Aaron Rodgers is one of the best qb's in the NFL?

DW: Just because of who he is, with his feet…any quarterback that can extend plays, you want to be aware of that. He’s a proven quarterback and they have a proven offense, so we’re going to have to cross out t’s and dot our i’s.

KB: How do you feel your db's match up against the packers?

DW: I feel good about it. We have some good players on the back end, we’ve definitely upgraded. I think with our match ups… I feel good about it.

KB: What do you feel are the most important things that the DB's need to do in order to be successful against the packers?

DW: Just don’t give up explosive plays, and when we get our chances, get our hands on balls and intercept balls and give our offense more chances to score. I think that will help our football team. 

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